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Writing Chinese Language Sentences

You have been learning Chinese language for some time, you have read some interesting Chinese language story books / novels, you have learnt about the grammar and 数量词… And now, you want to challenge yourself to start writing a journal or diary in Chinese Language.

In this post, we start from short sentences and slowly go for longer sentences.

Chinese language sentences are in the format of subject — verb — object, thus we can start from what we eat, what we wear, what we feel and slowly go for more complex sentences.

Examples of simple sentences:

  1. 我吃饭。 — I eat rice.
  2. 我穿衣。 — I wear clothes.
  3. 我很开心。 — I am very happy.

Examples of longer sentences:

  1. 我今天吃鸡饭。 — I eat chicken rice today.
  2. 今天我穿白衣和黑裤。 — Today, I wear white shirt and black trousers.
  3. 我很开心,因为可以出去玩。 — I am very happy because I can go out to play.

From the examples of longer sentences, we add in more details of when (今天), what (鸡饭, 白衣, 黑裤) and why (因为可以出去玩). We can also add in where, who and how, like the below examples:

Other examples of longer sentences:

  1. 我今天在学校吃鸡饭。 — I eat chicken rice at school today.
  2. 今天我穿白衣和黑裤,哥哥穿白衣和蓝裤。 — Today, I wear white shirt and black trousers, while my brother wears white shirt and blue trousers.
  3. 我很开心,因为可以坐巴士出去玩。 — I am very happy because I can go out to play by bus.

Once you can add in more details and write longer sentences, you are on your way for writing a good journal or diary. Keep it up!