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On a Hot Day

Weather forecast: There will be rain in the afternoon. The temperature for today is between 24°C to 31°C.

“Arghhh… the weather is so hot! Are they sure it is only 31°C? Maybe it is 41°C.”

Walking out from a temple, Martin can feel the scorching hot sun above his head. Today is his day off and he has been wondering where to go next. Things are not going too well for him. The air-conditioner at home is leaking water and the technician can only go to his house to check on the air-conditioner at 4 p.m. today.

Because it is hot at home, he goes out for lunch. He passes by the temple and goes in to pray for smooth life ahead. “Smooth” means no faulty air-conditioner, nice weather with some rain, more OT at the company and of course, nice colleagues at the company who will not pick on him everyday.

Maybe he can improve himself by reading some self-help books. Thus, the next destination is the library. Today is also a school holiday. Many children are in the library. A boy and a girl are discussing about their school holiday homework. They are whispering, one may wonder if they can really hear each other. Nearby the boy and the girl, is a mother who is holding a story book, muttering to her toddler.

“What am I doing at the Children’s Section? Even the library is bullying me.”

Martin goes upstairs to the Adult’s Section. There are a lot of people. The row of tables and chairs are occupied. Most of them look like students who are doing homework. Some adults are doing leisure reading. Martin ambles to the bookshelf with the label “Self-help”.

He picks up a book and starts reading. Since there is no space to sit, he just stands there and reads. He can hear some whispering now and then. But he only wants to be in a cooling environment, so what other people do does not bother him. The book is interesting, it teaches people how to take counter-action for a colleague who back-stabs you. This is what Martin needs.

Suddenly, he feels a strong vibration inside his pocket. Oh, it is 3.30 p.m. already. He must rush home to wait for the technician from the air-conditioner shop. He dashes down the staircase and borrows the book.

It is 4.45 p.m. but no sign of a single soul. Martin calls the shop.

“I am sorry, Sir. Everyone seems to have problem with their air-con because of the hot weather. The technician should be on the way already. Please be patient.”

Another 30 minutes pass by, no sign of a single soul, again.

“I am sorry, Sir. Let me call the technician and get back to you.”

Sometimes life plays a trick on you. When you need something, it wants you to wait. Save the best for last, you say. But Martin does not want to be the last one to get his air-conditioner fixed. Martin stomps up and down in the living room. He is going to shout at the technician when he sees him.

“Hello, Sir. I am calling from XYZ Electric Shop. Sorry, Sir, the technician has met with an accident and he is now hospitalized. We can only send you another technician tomorrow.”

It is a bad day. It is a hot day too.



Note to myself

1. Time spent: 45 minutes of on and off writing.

2. A bit of writer’s block and need to check out the different words to describe an action. Though I don’t usually use a lot of adverbs in my writing, today’s assignment is tough for me because I start thinking about different adverbs!

3. Learnt some vocabulary, the words have been learnt before, but they are seldom used.

4. A bit off topic, more on Martin rather than the public place.

5. Not satisfied with the writing, but I like the ending. Hope you like it too.

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~  待续 ~


This story is purely fictional. Any resemblance to actual individuals or events are coincidental.

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