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Have #SpecialNeeds #Kids? Shut Them Up! #Malaysia #TCK #Autism

My brother is mentally-retarded. One day, he came home from school and never wanted to go to school again. My parents and I suspect he was being bullied at school.
Let’s make some noise, let’s show them the care and love. They need a healthy and happy environment like us.


I like percussion instruments, especially drums. In this post, let me introduce 二十四节令鼓.

二十四 = twenty-four

节令 = seasonal

鼓 = drum

二十四节令鼓 is a type of drumming performance created in 1988 by two Malaysian Chinese. From the name, we know that it is about the twenty-four seasons in the lunar calendar. There are 24 drums which represent the 24 seasons. Although it is called season, it is actually a day in the lunar calendar that signifies a change in the weather.

The 24 seasons are:

立春、雨水、惊蛰、春分、清明、谷雨 (in Spring)

立夏、小满、芒种、夏至、小暑、大暑 (in Summer)

立秋、处暑、白露、秋分、寒露、霜降 (in Autumn)

立冬、小雪、大雪、冬至、小寒、大寒 (in Winter)



The performance combines the sounds of drums with the movement of the drummers. It is normally performed during Chinese festive seasons in Asian countries. The sounds of the drums are magnificent and inspiring. If you have a chance to see the performance during Chinese New Year, do not miss it.

Credit: Image is taken from

It Must Have Been Short

Today (11 August 2013) is the last day of the long weekend in Singapore and Malaysia. Both countries celebrated Hari Raya Aidilfitri on 8 August. Malaysia continued the celebration on 9 August for Hari Raya Aidilfitri while Singapore celebrated its 48th National Day.

Some of my friends have gone for a short holiday; some just stay at home resting as they still need to work on 10 August (Saturday). No matter what is your choice of enjoying the holiday, I hope you have accomplished what you have planned.

For me, the long weekend feels like a short one. 8 August was a spring cleaning day, the kitchen and the toilets were cleaned and two electrical plugs were changed. In the afternoon, I went to an exhibition and bought some books and stationery.

I have been planning to go to Singapore Philatelic Museum for some time. Thus, I went there on 9 August. It is a small museum but I have learnt one important concept, that is, I am just a stamp collector, not a philatelist. A philatelist is a person who not only collects stamps, postcards and first day covers, he / she also studies and learns about them.

joyfulyue.wordpress.com_Singapore Philatelic Museum

Wearing red hat at Singapore Philatelic Museum

10 August was considered back to normal for me. There was a class in the morning and I went to Gardens by the Bay in the afternoon. As it was a long holiday, you could see many people visiting Gardens by the Bay. There were long queues everywhere! I was thinking of writing a post, but I was too tired from walking the whole day, well, almost the whole day.

11 August, I am publishing a post. There will be a class in the afternoon until evening. At night, I will be having dinner and preparing for next week.

The long holiday sounds really short, does it not? What have you done in the past three days? And what you will be doing today?

Haze is here, take cover!

Due to the haze problem in Singapore and Malaysia, this blog is having Haze Holiday until further notice.

Okay, just kidding. Nonetheless, I do need a break after publishing this post due to an exam on 28 June. It is not a matter of life and death, but since I have paid for the course, I am obliged to pass the exam.

While I am taking cover, please do the following:

  1. Drink more water than usual
  2. Limit outdoor activities, whenever it is possible. I know, adults need to go to work, so wear the face mask when you are outdoors. For children, outdoor activities can wait, so please stay indoors.
  3. Check out NEA website on PSI reading. Though currently we are only getting the 3-hour (average) PSI reading, at least we can keep track on the reading and keep on repeating item 1 and item 2 until the reading goes down to normal. When you are tired of item 1 and item 2, go to item 4.
  4. Read my previous posts. Up to now, I have more than 40 posts. Hopefully by the end of reading 2 posts per day, the haze problem is gone. *Keeping my fingers crossed*
  5. Eyes are exposed to the small particles in air because they are not covered by the mask. Our eyes have the tears mechanism which helps to protect the eyes. If your eyes still feel uncomfortable, do not rub with your fingers, try to wash them with running water (with eyes closed).

(I was thinking of deleting this post after my “hibernation”, on second thought, maybe I should keep this to remind us of the haze problem.)

Updates: The PSI value went down to below 100 since 22 June afternoon. Though up and down throughout the week, it is still below 100 (as of 28 June, 9pm).

My oral exam is done, and the written exam on 5 July is also done. The results: as of 11 July, I do not know yet.