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Learn Chinese Language From a Song — 爱就一个字

爱就一个字 is a touching love song. Though it is a love song, it is the theme song for 宝莲灯 (Lotus Lantern), which is based on the love between a mother and a child. The lyrics is simple and keep repeating. The big picture of the song is a boy (the child) uses his love, action and persistence to find his mother.

张信哲 (Jeff Chang) sings the song. He is the Prince of Love Songs (情歌王子). Thus, a song sang by the Prince of Love Songs is inevitably a touching song.

Disclaimer: The lyrics of the song is for learning purpose.


曲:Jean-Michel Ou

拨开天空的乌云 像蓝丝绒一样美丽

我为你翻山越岭 却无心看风景

我想你 身不由己 每个念头有新的梦境

但愿你没忘记 我永远保护你

不管风雨的打击 全心全意

# 两个人相互辉映 光芒胜过夜晚繁星

我为你翻山越岭 却无心看风景

我想你     鼓足勇气 凭爱的地图散播讯息

但愿你没忘记 我永远保护你


% 爱就一个字 我只说一次


承诺一辈子   守住了坚持


* 爱就一个字 我只说一次


任时光飞驰   搜索你的影子


Repeat # % * % *


Chinese Language Learning Corner

  • 天空 — sky
  • 乌云 — dark cloud
  • 蓝丝绒 — blue velvet
  • 美丽 — beautiful
  • 翻山越岭 — climb over mountains
  • 无心看风景 — not in the mood to enjoy the scenery (because I have an important mission)
  • 我想你 — I miss you
  • 但愿 — hopefully
  • 忘记 — forget
  • 永远 — forever
  • 保护 — protect
  • 全心全意 — wholeheartedly
  • 爱就一个字 我只说一次 — Love is a word (就 is used to emphasize), I only say this once.
  • 你知道我只会用行动表示 — You know that I will only show (my love) with actions

Hope you have learnt some Chinese words while listening to the song. No matter you are singing this song to your parents or your significant other, this song certainly makes them feel loved. Enjoy!

Three Important Songs

This is hard. As a person who loves music, I like different types of music and I like a lot of different songs of different languages. My liking for a specific song changes when life circumstances change.

When I was younger, I like to listen to the latest hit songs, whether they are Chinese songs or English songs. There was a time when I like sad love songs, mostly are Chinese songs. There was one Chinese song that I hummed continuously when I have tendered my resignation at a company because the lyrics suit the mood. I also like movie theme songs. If I like the theme song, I like the movie too.

If I can only choose three most important songs, the first song is Secrets by OneRepublic. I am a subtle person and I do not talk a lot about myself. People may think that I have a lot of secrets but I am just a plain girl in this world who is quiet in nature. Nonetheless, I believe everyone has a secret that he or she does not want other people to know. All of us have something in the past that we do not want other people to know. Secrets is played in the movie The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. I like Nicholas Cage, the movie, the song and the science in the movie.

The second song is Time After Time (花舞う街で) by Mai Kuraki (倉木麻衣). This is a Japanese song of my favourite manga series – Detective Conan. I learn Japanese because of Conan and the Japanese songs in the series. Though Detective Conan is about detective stories, it also brings out the sad love story between Shinichi Kudo (工藤新一) and Ran Mouri (毛利蘭).

The third song is 责任 (responsibility) by 张宇 (Phil Chang). I have been listening to songs by Phil Chang. Phil Chang and his wife work together to create good songs. This is the type of relationship that I have always wanted. Though most of the songs created by them are sad songs, the songs are very famous. I first heard of 责任after I get married. Maybe it is the extra responsibility that I have, maybe it is the sad tune that resonates with my soul, it is just a song that I fall in love when I first heard of it. By the way, Phil Chang and I share the same horoscope 🙂


Note to myself

  • Time spent: 15 minutes of continuous writing, 30 minutes of writing while listening to songs and doing some background check on the facts. Then, the writing is interrupted by dinner. After that, 30 minutes of wrapping up.
  • Other than the first 15 minutes, my mind is multi-tasking for the rest of the time. I just can’t let go!
  • I tried something new; I put the YouTube URL of the three songs.

Learn Chinese Language From a Song — 碎花

碎花 is a soothing song. You know it when you hear the song. The lyrics is written in a poetic way. Thus, 碎花 is a good song to learn Chinese language for advanced learners. Nonetheless, if you find the lyrics difficult to understand, just sit back and enjoy the song. Learning Chinese language does not have to be difficult.

Similar to 爱不胜防, 碎花 has the ending words that rhyme (垂、吹、归、醉、灰、回、谁). Yet, 碎花 is a sad song in a subtle way because you need to understand the lyrics to know that it is a sad story. A person is waiting for another person that will never come back. We cannot see happy ending at the end of the tunnel.

李偲菘 and 李伟菘 sing the song. They are brothers and both are good at composing songs. You may want to search the song in YouTube by the keywords: 碎花。

Disclaimer: The lyrics of the song is for learning purpose.



一任竹帘深垂 依稀树曳风吹

等待的人最苦 离去的人不归

情浓似酒会醉 一朝心碎如灰

岁月流水不回 幽上眉头是谁

我已经尝遍了 最甜最苦的滋味


你的眼 你的眉 你的笑 你的泪


抓不住 找不回 忘不掉 人憔悴



Chinese Language Learning Corner

  • 碎花 — 碎 means something has broken into pieces. Matching with flowers, 碎花 means a lot (pieces) of flower petals. We also use 碎花 for floral pattern, as in 姐姐穿了一件碎花图案的裙子。(Elder sister is wearing a skirt with floral pattern.)
  • 竹 — bamboo
  • 树 — tree
  • 风吹 — blowing wind
  • 等待的人最苦 — the person who waits is the most miserable
  • 离去的人不归 — the person who has left will not return
  • 谁 — who
  • 我已经尝遍了 — I have tasted
  • 最甜最苦的滋味 — the taste of the sweetest and the most miserable. 滋味 is taste, but it is used for taste of life, not taste of food.
  • 梦见碎花如雨随风飞 — 梦 = dream (verb), 如雨 = like the rain, 随风飞 = flying with the wind. The person dreams of a scene, the flower petals falling down like rain when the wind blows. What does the dream indicate? The person perceives the dream as a sad ending where the person he misses will not return (fall as the flower petals).
  • 你的眼 你的眉 你的笑 你的泪 — Your eyes, your eyebrows, your smile and your tears. It means everything about you.
  • 抓不住 找不回 忘不掉 人憔悴 — Cannot hold it, cannot find it back, cannot forget it, the person is languishing.

The lyrics is beautiful; imagine the time when the flower petals falling down with the wind. Hope you have learnt some Chinese words while listening to the song. Even if you do not understand the lyrics, listen to the soothing tune. Enjoy!

A Story for a Song — 责任 (The Story)



“你走吧!我不想再见到你。” 小惠哭着说。






* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This is a short story inspired by the lyrics of the song 《责任》. When I first heard the song, I imagined the music video would have some strong feelings like love and hatred at the same time and the bang of the door. But the music video does not give me that feeling. Thus, I write my own story for the song. I hope you like both the song and the short story.

A Story for a Song — 责任 (The Song)

张宇 (Phil Chang) is one of the famous singers of my era. Though I have been listening to his songs for some years, I first heard of 责任 recently from a friend’s CD. I fall in love with the song immediately. Subsequently, I search for the lyrics and the music video.

I love sad songs, I love the lyrics and I love the “story” of the song. I want to write a story for this song because the music video does not bring out my feeling towards the lyrics. Before that, let’s look at the lyrics.

Disclaimer: The lyrics of the song is for learning purpose.



我听着妳上了锁     重重靠在门的背后

哭着用力地说     既然去留都错     非要铁心拒绝我

我只跌坐在门口     想像门后妳的反驳

就算爱也足够     毕竟责任太多     怎么才能让妳懂

心里的痛难受     选择的路难走     了解的话没有人肯对我说

想给妳的越多     辜负妳的越多     有谁会知道我承受的折磨

心里的痛难受     选择的路难走     我最爱的妳连眼神都空洞

越在乎的温柔     伤我伤的越重     得到和失去竟都在这个时候


Chinese Language Learning Corner

  • 责任 — responsibility
  • 锁 — lock (verb)
  • 背后 — behind, 门的背后 = behind the door
  • 错 — wrong
  • 拒绝 — reject
  • 想像 — imagine
  • 爱 — love
  • 足够 — sufficient
  • 太多 — too much, 责任太多 = too much responsibility
  • 懂 — understand
  • 心里的痛 — the pain in the heart
  • 选择的路 — the chosen road
  • 了解的话 — the understanding words
  • 折磨 — torturing (noun), 折磨 can also be used as a verb
  • 温柔 — tender, as in love and tender
  • 得到和失去 — obtain and lose

Listen to the song a few times. Do you have a story of your own from the lyrics? Let’s go to my story now!

Learn Chinese Language From a Song — 爱不胜防

爱不胜防 is one of my favourite songs for the following reasons:

1. The title of the song is slightly altered from the idiom 防不胜防。

2. The ending word rhymes.

3. The song is the sub theme song of 《好运到》 (It’s a Wonderful Life, a Singapore drama series).

4. It is a duet.

5. Other than 防不胜防, the lyrics also include other idioms like 恍然大悟、铭心刻骨 and 义无反顾。Furthermore, the ending word of the three idioms rhymes!

6. This is a good song to learn Chinese language for intermediate or advanced learners.

爱不胜防 is talking about a budding love relationship. From the positive words of 幸福、庆祝 and 礼物, we know the love relationship will have a happy ending. 苏智诚 and 魏妙如 sing the song. You may want to search the song in YouTube by the keywords: 爱不胜防,苏智诚 & 魏妙如。

Disclaimer: The lyrics of the song is for learning purpose.




情节越起伏     结局就会越刻骨



F:直到遇见你     我才恍然大悟


从此笑是幸福     泪是幸福     安静也幸福



M:它让心很满足     梦更丰富     每天值得庆祝

D:从此两颗心     一条路     两个人同步



D:原来爱不胜防     只要我们勇敢去追逐

M:自己那份幸福     一旦认定     就要义无反顾

D:等到走过沙丘     走过荒芜     才能够领悟


(M = male, F = female, D = duet)

Chinese Language Learning Corner

  • duet — 双人合唱歌曲
  • 幸福 — happiness. Personally, I do not think happiness can represent 幸福 wholly. 幸福 is more than happy. It is a feeling of love with someone you love, a good food, a good song, etc.
  • 庆祝 — celebrate
  • 礼物 — present
  • 读一本书 — read a book
  • 感觉 — feeling
  • 记录 — record (verb)
  • 笑 — laugh
  • 泪 — tears
  • 安静 — quietness (noun). In this song, it means that even if quietness between the two people, it is also a bliss. 安静 is also an adjective, as in 课室里很安静。(It is quiet in the classroom.)
  • 两颗心 — two hearts
  • 一条路 — one road
  • 两个人同步 — two people walk in synchronization

The vocabulary is difficult, but if you can find beauty in it, you will love the song. Hope you have learnt some Chinese words while listening to the song. Enjoy!

Learn Chinese Language From a Song — 淋雨中

Now is the raining season in Singapore. This song comes just in time 🙂 The title of the song is 淋雨中 (In the Rain) from 林宇中 (Rynn Lim). For those who may not know, 淋雨中 is pronounced exactly the same as 林宇中. You may want to search the song in YouTube by the keywords: 淋雨中,林宇中.

Whenever there is rain (雨) in the lyrics, the song is usually related to break-up and separation. With cry (哭) and pain (痛), you know that this is a sad song. 淋雨中 is talking about a guy who receives a break-up letter from his girlfriend, the background is the rain, which adds to the pain. 

Disclaimer: The lyrics of the song is for learning purpose.

词 / 曲:林宇中

风吹乱的头发 在我眼前挣扎 把想你剪成几段          沙沙的彷徨

雨有一点急躁 在我脸上涂鸦 把心情画得乱七八糟 滴答滴答响

我手上没有伞 分手的信有一张

我没有哭是雨水渗透 写你爱他那一行

我在淋雨中 看你步上彩虹

我分不了轻重 你幸福我该否祝福

我在淋雨中 背着你走不动

我还有一个梦 被雨水带离我的天空

我的笑容会很酷 若和你们巧碰



Chinese Language Learning Corner

  • 雨 — rain
  • 风 — wind
  • 彩虹 — rainbow
  • 眼 — eyes
  • 脸 — face
  • 手 — hand
  • 头发 — hair
  • 信 — letter
  • 伞 — umbrella. There are 雨伞 and 阳伞, which is meant for a rainy day and a sunny day respectively. Anyway, differentiating two different umbrellas is troublesome, so we seldom differentiate them. 雨伞 is more commonly used, we do use 雨伞 on a sunny day 🙂
  • 酷 — cool, as in “He looks cool.”
  • 哭 — cry
  • 痛 — pain

Hope you have learnt some Chinese words while listening to the song on a rainy day. Enjoy!


Hello, I am the Kinetic Rain.