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A Healthy Journey

Diastasis recti

Jumping jacks




When I first heard about diastasis recti, I had to google it to find out what it is. Then, I was introduced to all the other four and more unfamiliar terms. Diastasis recti is the separation of the two parallel bands of muscles at the middle of the abdomen after giving birth.

I thought it is important for every woman to be fit after giving birth, so I signed up for a fitness programme with Kareen. Kareen is a movement specialist. The first lesson was to learn about the importance of breathing. Yes, breathing, as simple as we can do it unconsciously, is as important as the air we breathe. Subsequent sessions with Kareen has introduced me to various moves that I have not heard of or done before. Lunging, anything to do with the lungs?

The results? My body is healthier, my muscles are stronger and I feel better generally.

During a conversation with Kareen, I find out that I have a wrong concept about exercise. I thought thin people do not need exercise. I did not exercise. Walking, running, swimming and cycling are actions that I do to move my body but I have never considered them as “exercise”. The reason why I did not exercise is obvious; I am underweight even after I have given birth to a child. I had a bad experience of losing 2 kg just after a cross-country run at school years ago.

Since all the moves that are introduced by Kareen are new to me, I start to explore other options that will get me moving. I like stair-climbing. I cannot use excuses like it is raining, it is too hot, it is too far away, I have no time, etc for stair-climbing. The stair is just beside the lift that you use everyday; you just need to walk a few more steps to the stairs and start going up or down.

Now that I have started exercise, I have lost weight. No, it is not my goal to lose weight. Exercise alone might make you feel lighter but you need to eat nutrient-packed food to make sure your body has enough fuel for the exercise you do. Thus, my next step is to add nutrient-packed food to my meals.

Do you want to be healthier? Feel free to drop a message to Kareen and see how she can help you. By the way, if you are browsing her Facebook page and wondering if you are not a mum, can you still join her on the journey to a healthier you? Yes, you can. Exercise is for everyone, thin or plump, young or old, mum or non-mum.


Disclaimer: I am not financially compensated for this post. The programme with Kareen has ended last year. I continue my exercise journey and find out that exercise does make a difference. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


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Smokers Go Away

Warning: This is written by an avid smoker hater. If you love smoking, do not proceed to read this post.

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My friend’s mother’s left arm is amputated up to the elbow because of cancer. The friend stops smoking immediately. I salute him. Nonetheless, I still think it would be better if he had stopped smoking before his mother is diagnosed with cancer. Better still, if he had never smoked before.

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I hate smokers. Hate is a strong word, but, yes, I hate smokers. Not only the smokers bring health problem to themselves, they also cause health problem to all the innocent non-smokers out there. For me, smokers are selfish, self-centered, inconsiderate, weak, smelly, lack of determination… (You have been warned.)

Some people question why the tax for tobacco is only up 10% compared to 25% for liquor for Budget 2014, but it is not how much is taxed. It is the addiction problem. Another friend of mine, whose mother does not know he is smoking, is unable to quit smoking. He tried to quit, but whenever he feels stressed, the first thing he can think of is to smoke, again.

Thus, we must not depend on the government to tackle smoking problem because the decision to quit smoking or to start smoking in the first place is up to each individual. I have known some people who started as a social smoker and then become a heavy smoker.

Below is a video (my first video!) of a smoker who ignores the “NO SMOKING within 5 meters of this bus stop” sign and enjoys his cigarette leisurely. Yes, the law cannot stop him from smoking. It is him himself who can make the decision to quit smoking or at least be considerate enough to smoke at a designated place.

No matter how rich or how handsome / beautiful you are, if you are a smoker, please go away from me, as far as possible. Thank you very much.