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Grow Old Youthfully


Small size.

No eye wrinkles.

Those make me look 10 years younger than my actual age.

10 years ago, I was happy that I looked young. People always asked whether I was just graduated from university. I had some “privileges”, like free meal. I was really happy.

10 years ago, children called me “sister”. I wished children would call me “aunty”.

10 years ago, I wanted to do a plastic surgery to make my face look old. My mum laughed at the idea.

Now, some people still ask whether I am just graduated from university.

Now, some younger children call me “aunty”. Though a bit shocked at first, I am slowly getting used to it.

Now, I no longer want to do a plastic surgery to make myself look old.

Now, I still look 10 years younger than my actual age. But, fear slowly comes. I start thinking about different scenarios:

  1. What if, when I am 60 years old, I look like 50 years old? I am too old to work but the look is too young to be out of work.
  2. What if, when I am 60 years old, I look like 30 years old? That freaks me out. I will be the subject for some scientific experiments for youth medicine.
  3. What if, I wake up one day and find myself suddenly grow 20 years older than my actual age? I die of heart attack.

I admit that it is a blessing if you look young. But, the disadvantage is, people doubt your credibility when you do not look your age. Also, I do not wish to be part of some scientific experiments.

My wish is simple; please let me look my age, whatever age it is. I start to imagine myself with silver hair…


Note to myself

Time spent: 22 minutes of writing with 2-minute toilet break.

The twist is to write in a different style. When I first have the idea, I have many drafts, but all are rejected because they have the similar style as my old posts. Finally, I have a different style of starting the post and I manage to complete it.

The use of past tense is so not my style.

Children and Pets

I have had a pet once. It was a small colourful fish and I named it “Blue Red”. Blue Red was bought at the beginning of a school holiday when I felt bored. No complicated apparatus, just a small fish in a small glass bottle. I needed to change the water in the glass bottle so that Blue Red could have a clean home and sufficient oxygen.

I still remember the first time when I wanted to change the water. I was afraid that Blue Red would jump out of water if I took it out from the bottle, so I asked my cousin to help. He suggested me to use a spoon to scoop Blue Red into another container while I changed water. It worked.

The rest was easy, talking to Blue Red, feeding Blue Red and scooping Blue Red once every two days. When the school started again, my schedule was so busy that I afraid I could not take good care of Blue Red. Blue Red ended up in a pond with other fish.


Some of my students have a pet. Though taking care of a pet is mostly done by the parents or grandparents, children can learn:

1. how to play in a safe way

A pet is like a young child, it does not know what is the limit. When playing, both the child and the pet must play in a way that they do not hurt each other. The child must make sure there is no sharp objects around and teach the pet about “No biting” policy.

2. how to conquer fear and learn how to solve problem

Fear of hurting the pet, fear of the pet being sick, fear of losing the pet, etc. are good in a way that a child can learn how to conquer fear. Because of fear, a child also learns how to solve problem. For example, I was afraid that the fish would jump out of water, so I used a spoon to scoop it into another container.

3. how to be responsible

Having a pet means the child needs to take care of a pet, with or without the help from adults. By learning to take care of a pet, the child learns how to be responsible.

4. time management

Whether it is daily food or weekly walk, the child learn how to manage the time.

5. how to handle loss when time comes

Whether the pet needs to be given away or died, the pet will part with the child sooner or later. Thus, the child must learn how to handle loss when the time comes. Parents can help in explaining to the child that everything living things die eventually.

Although the child can learn a lot from having a pet, there are also some downsides of having a pet, for example, an allergy reaction. Thus, before you adopt or buy a pet, please think carefully and thoroughly.


There is a saying: you are your own worst enemy. Whether you are a baby or an old man or someone in between, you have fear. Yes, and it is the fear that makes you — yourself — your own worst enemy.

For babies, they fear hunger and lose of a caregiver.

For students, they fear cannot meet the expectations of parents and teachers.

For adults, they fear lose of job and how others look at them.

For old men and women, they fear sickness and death.

When I started this blog, I wrote because I like to write and share. Along the way, I have some followers. As I write more and more, my fear grows. I fear I do not have enough time to write, I fear I cannot write good topics that interest my followers, I fear I will lose what I have gained…

Nonetheless, I believe every coin has two sides. Use your fear to your advantage. Control your fear and overcome it. Fearing other people will be better than you? Then work harder, ignore people who doubt you. Your dream is yours, not others, do not let other steal your dream. Let your fear help you, not deter you from archiving your dream.

Conquer your fear! Conquer yourself!