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She Made a Decision

I can still remember the reactions of my classmates when I told them I am going to complete my test quickly and go to meet my idol. I was in my early 20s, when meeting my idol was more important than my university test. Anyway, I did complete the test, I just left early. Also, I made sure that I did well in other assignments and final examination so that the final mark of the subject was not affected badly.

That was the decision I made. After so many years, no one remember which subject or what mark did I get. But I remember the experience of the long queue and the warm smile from my idol.

Thus, when my student told me, she “sacrificed” the Chinese language CA2 examination to try to complete for an arts project that she cares a lot; I was not shocked at all.


Will you scold your child for getting this result?

Nonetheless, I would like her to understand some important points in making a decision:

1. One must be ready to take the consequences

She failed her Chinese language CA2 examination. Even if she got 100 marks for her Chinese language SA2 examination, she would still need to face the music as overall she still fails the subject.

2. One must consider the priority

Her other classmates were focusing on the examination rather than the arts project. Different people have different priorities. I will not say that she made a wrong decision, but I want her to consider the following:

(a) What is the percentage of the marks of the arts project go to the final mark of the subject?

(b) Likewise, what is the percentage of the marks of the Chinese language SA2 examination go to the final mark of the subject?

(c) Which subject do you put in more effort? The one that you are weak at or the one that you are good at?

The answers are obvious. We put in priority for higher percentage of the marks that go to the final mark of the subject and put in more effort in the subject that we are weak at. You may have different point of view, which leads us to the third point.

3. Worth it?

In the end, she failed her Chinese language CA2 examination and did not complete the arts project. Also, the arts teacher has decided to extend the due date to one month later. What has she gained?

For my case, I gained the experience that I cherish for the rest of my life, it was an once-in-a-lifetime experience. I won’t regret it and I can show my children and grandchildren of my idol’s signature. Most important of all, I did not fail the subject.

For her case, I do think that it is too big a sacrifice. Things have happened, I hope she learn from this incident and make better decision next time.

Timid and Shy and Scared am I

On 18 March 2014, I woke up early to go to Bishan. Good Morning Singapore was having its second day of outdoor broadcast beside Block 509, Bishan Street 13.

I reached 7.25am. There were not too many people because it was a working day. I believe most of the people there are retirees or housewives.

How did I go there from Simei?

I can reach there in around one hour if I transfer to Circle line at Paya Lebar. Nonetheless there is free MRT ride if you tap out before 7.45am. The nearest MRT station to Bishan station with free ride is Orchard station. Thus, I use the longer but cheaper way to go to Bishan station.


The MRT stations that offer free ride

What did I do there?

I am timid, shy and scared. I redeemed my free breakfast: a cup of tea and a slice of bread. I stood at a corner, enjoying my breakfast and taking pictures occasionally. At the second section, they went to the far away stage. But I stayed at the same spot. Two of the late comers talked to me, I answered them politely. When the marshal offered to let us in, again, I insisted to stay at the same spot. I guess I was too timid to move away from my corner. The people who went in later managed to ask the guests to take pictures with them.


Redeemed stamp


Two stages for recording


Guests are preparing for recording


I take your picture, you take the video of the TV


What do I learn?

1. Planning and decision-making

It is as simple as planning which route you are going to use to reach your destination. Do you want to save money? Or do you want to save time? If you are an indecisive person, start making decisions for small matters, once you are comfortable with small matters, you will be making better decisions with big matters. On my way back, I took Circle line and transferred at Paya Lebar, saving me around 30 minutes.

2. If you request, you will get what you want

As long as you do not disrupt the recording, the marshals and the guests are happy to attend to your requests. Well, if only you make the request. A person who stands in the corner and makes no request, like me, will get the experience of “been there, done that”.

3. There are different types of people

Whether you like it or not, there are different types of people out there. I am an introvert, I do not initiate conversations with strangers, but I like to observe people. There is no right or wrong. Knowing the fact that there are different types of people makes you more acceptive towards people and life.


Chinese Language Learning Corner

  • 户外广播 — outdoor broadcast
  • 早安您好 — Good Morning Singapore. It is a Chinese TV programme in the morning on Channel 8. I obtain a lot of information from watching the programme.