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Grow Old Youthfully


Small size.

No eye wrinkles.

Those make me look 10 years younger than my actual age.

10 years ago, I was happy that I looked young. People always asked whether I was just graduated from university. I had some “privileges”, like free meal. I was really happy.

10 years ago, children called me “sister”. I wished children would call me “aunty”.

10 years ago, I wanted to do a plastic surgery to make my face look old. My mum laughed at the idea.

Now, some people still ask whether I am just graduated from university.

Now, some younger children call me “aunty”. Though a bit shocked at first, I am slowly getting used to it.

Now, I no longer want to do a plastic surgery to make myself look old.

Now, I still look 10 years younger than my actual age. But, fear slowly comes. I start thinking about different scenarios:

  1. What if, when I am 60 years old, I look like 50 years old? I am too old to work but the look is too young to be out of work.
  2. What if, when I am 60 years old, I look like 30 years old? That freaks me out. I will be the subject for some scientific experiments for youth medicine.
  3. What if, I wake up one day and find myself suddenly grow 20 years older than my actual age? I die of heart attack.

I admit that it is a blessing if you look young. But, the disadvantage is, people doubt your credibility when you do not look your age. Also, I do not wish to be part of some scientific experiments.

My wish is simple; please let me look my age, whatever age it is. I start to imagine myself with silver hair…


Note to myself

Time spent: 22 minutes of writing with 2-minute toilet break.

The twist is to write in a different style. When I first have the idea, I have many drafts, but all are rejected because they have the similar style as my old posts. Finally, I have a different style of starting the post and I manage to complete it.

The use of past tense is so not my style.

Goodbye, 2013

It is the time of the year, when people say goodbye, reflect on what they have gone through the year and say hello to the new year.

In 2013, I have started blogging and learning Japanese again. I have tried writing a Chinese novel. What you may not know, I have been learning how to cook too. I learn how to cook after I am married. Before that, I did not even know how to pan-fry a sunny-side up egg. I always ended up with something between sunny-side up egg and scrambled egg.

I found out that I am afraid of the heat from the fire, and thus whenever I wanted to crack an egg, my focus was on the fire, not the egg. That’s why I could not get a nice and round sunny-side up egg. Now, I conquer the fear of the heat and manage to get a sunny-side up egg as in the picture below.


Finally, a sunny-side up egg.

To all single ladies, home cooking is healthier. Even if you are not getting married any sooner, learning how to cook brings more benefits than having meals outside.

To all students, when you face obstacles in studies, try to find out what is the problem and conquer it. Once you conquer your problem and your fear, you find yourself at a new height. What you need to do next is to keep practising; practice makes perfect. Oh, yes, do not forget to put your focus at the right place.

What have you learnt in 2013? Let’s bring it forward to 2014!