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Moral is a very broad title. A student of mine has suggested me to write about it and I have “owed” my student for too long. With the consideration of the personal reason that my student wanted me to write about the title, I hope everyone, no matter where or who you are, gives a thought on this post.

I like to watch science fiction movies, especially those on “experiments that go wrong”. I have just watched <Rise of the Planet of the Apes> recently. On the disastrous scale, the ending is much better than I would imagine. As intelligent as Caesar, he only wants freedom, and nothing else.

The reason I say the ending is much better than I would imagine is because Caesar is smart and strong, he is able to destroy humankind in pursuit of his freedom, but he did not do that. He has killed a lot of men, but once he is at the forest, the movie ends, no more killing.

Without moral judgement, Caesar may have done more disastrous actions. If an intelligent Caesar can differentiate between right and wrong, how can human beings, who have the highest intelligence among animals, do cruel things to other human beings or animals or plants?

We have heard about physical bullying and verbal bullying. Worse, nowadays we have cyber bullying. Are those bullies worse than Caesar? Or they are just venting their frustration to people who are weaker than them?

If every human being, only if, has the qualities of smart + strong + compassion, the Earth would be a better place for everyone, do you agree?