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A Small Incident

I was browsing through some books in a bookshop when a young lady in her early 20s (or maybe younger) approached me to introduce me to a mobile product. After the young lady explained about the mobile product, I found that it was useful for Primary students to do some extra exercises in English, Mathematics and Science (EMS). Another good thing about it, was that it was mobile, you could bring your iPad and do the exercises anytime, anywhere.

She showed a demo using iPad, so my only question was whether it could be used on Android. She said yes, the product could be used on an Android. Everything went well, she asked me to fill in a form to register for an account to start using the product.

After I have made the payment, she showed me how to activate the account. That’s when both of us found out that the Android that she mentioned was referring to 10″ screen, and the Android phone that I had was with a 7″ screen. Logically, I would not pay for something which I could not use. So, I asked for a refund.

The young lady was sorry and brought me to the cashier. The cashier was not very helpful and just told her to look for the senior to settle the refund issue. The young lady managed to ask the senior to help, though I could see from the senior’s expression that the senior was not happy about this incident.

The amount to be refunded to me was $60.05. After giving me some vouchers with the value of $60, the senior asked me to pay $0.05. I said they should pay me the $0.05 instead of me paying them. I did not really care about the $0.05, but I was not happy with the way that the senior asked me to pay. She had a calculator with her, and she sounded like I owe them. I knew that if I continue arguing with the senior, I would put the young lady on the spot. Thus, I kept quiet and let the calculator be the judge.

The senior knew she was wrong, so she walked away, without saying sorry. Nonetheless, I liked the young lady who kept saying sorry ever since she found out that I could not use the product. Well, I was at fault too, I should have asked for more details because iPad size was obviously much bigger than the phone that I was using.

From this small incident, I would like to highlight a few points to the customer service personnel:

  1. Attitude goes a long way — Though the young lady is young, she knows that she must serve her customers with a good attitude. Even without smiling, you can feel her sincerity. I will not say customers are always right, but at least customer service personnel should not show ‘dark face’ to customers. If the senior was going to serve me, I would not even buy the product in the first place, because her face was deterring me from listening to her.
  2. Teach and help your juniors — I feel sorry for the young lady who has the cashier and the senior as her colleagues. She would need to find out most of the information herself. If she could not find out the information and need the help from either the cashier or the senior, she would be having a hard time. Anyway, I hope the young lady would not give up. Working in a ‘harsh’ environment will train her to be independent. I believe that with her good attitude, she will be more successful than her colleagues.

For all potential customers, please find out as many details as possible before you buy anything. I hope no one will repeat my mistake of not getting enough details and have to make a request for a refund.

Final note: I hope I can help the young lady by indirectly introducing the mobile product in this post. The mobile product is recommended for parents with children studying in Primary Schools in Singapore (I am not sure if they are selling it at other countries) and have an iPad or a 10″ Android. If you are interested, you may get the information from me via email