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Semi Digital Detox

You might have read about digital detox. You might wonder if you can do it. Can we really live without our smart phones? I have never thought that I can do it, because I rely a lot on my phone, whether it is work, leisure or family, my phone is a great assistant.

But, one night, my phone decided to quit. I could not even take a picture of my phone because it became like the picture below.


Broken LCD screen (Photo credit:

Nothing can be done, except sending the phone for repair. Another bad news is the memory of the phone will be erased when they replace a new LCD screen.

Customer service personnel: “Everything will be erased.”

Me: “Everything?”

Customer service personnel: “Yes, pictures, videos, contacts…”

While the customer service personnel was giving the list, I thought, pictures and videos were ok; I could always take new pictures. Contacts? Oh no! How could I live without my contacts? I have two new students whom addresses I have not memorized. The kind customer service personnel let me had my phone back for backup. I could not backup much as I could only view 30% of the LCD screen. What I managed to save were some of the contact numbers.

I was totally lost on the first day: no Google Maps to give me directions where to go, no shopping list to tell me what to buy, no e-Books or games to entertain me, no Calendar to tell me what to do for the day and no Duolingo to learn Japanese language.

On the second day, things were getting better; I knew I need to rely on myself and my little grey cells.

When the phone is repaired, I actually delay one day to pick it up. I welcome the semi digital detox. I have more time to watch what is outside the bus windows, more time to spend with my child and more reading on physical books. Also, I find out that my sense of directions has indeed improved!

I am grateful for

  1. An old phone that lets me communicate via sms and phone calls, instead of WeChat and WhatsApp.
  2. A chance to start anew with zero memory on the repaired phone. Previously, I had too much information in my phone waiting to be read and sorted. Now, I start from zero 🙂
  3. The understanding Samsung customer service personnel who let me copy my contacts before erasing all the memory.

Can we really live without our smart phones? Yes, we can. You will find a more beautiful world waiting for you when your view is not limited to a small LCD screen.



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