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Japanese Journey 十一 — New Timetable


I am now using Duolingo to learn Japanese language. Thus, a new timetable is out. The new timetable is arranged according to the topics in Duolingo.


The new timetable

The topics are the last twelve topics in Duolingo as I have quickly completed the three checkpoints.


The first checkpoint

The topics for the first checkpoint are basic Japanese, such as hiragana, greetings, introduction, food and time. I have learnt most of them before so passing the first checkpoint can be done in less than a week.


The second checkpoint

The topics for the second checkpoint are about time, home, family, activity, restaurant, etc. I have learnt some new vocabulary but with my foundation in Japanese language, the checkpoint can be done in a week.


The third checkpoint

The topics for the third checkpoint are starting to be more challenging. More vocabulary is learnt and I spend more time on this checkpoint. I also spend time on doing revision for topics in this checkpoint.


The topics to be learnt

The last section is definitely for people who want to learn intermediate Japanese language. In the new timetable, I have set to learn a topic in a week. I will share what I have learnt in a particular topic in future posts.

それじゃ。See you.


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  1. Dina says:

    Wow, this is wonderful! It’s great that you have a timetable to keep you on track! 😀

    I started the DuoLingo course a while back, but I found myself slowly not using it. My issue with it is that kanji aren’t presented in a way that facilitates remembering their meaning better than simple cartoons (e.g. 水 = water, so there’s a little drawing of water). What do you think? 🙂

    • Wendy says:

      I am at the last section already. So, I am fine with what Duolingo can offer now. It took them some time to get Japanese language into Duolingo because the nature of the language with hiragana, katakana and kanji.

      • Dina says:

        Yeah, I know that the DuoLingo course for Japanese is still in the beta stages, and is only available in the DuoLingo app. I hope they make it available for PC soon as well!

        I’ll probably return to it in the near future, after I’ve figured out how I best learn kanji.

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