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$80 Transportation in Singapore

Do you travel during off-peak hours?

Do you want to save cost on transportation?

Do you like train hopping or bus hopping?

If you answer yes to all the above questions, then apply for off-peak pass at TransitLink Ticket Office.

Off-peak pass allows you to travel on basic buses and MRT during off-peak hours on weekdays and all-day on weekends and public holidays.

To apply for the off-peak pass, you need a recent passport-sized photograph, your NRIC and $88. The payment covers $80 for one month transportation, $5 for card and $3 personalisation fee.

What if you need to travel during peak hours or you want to ride an express bus? It is easy, you can load extra money into your off-peak pass and it can be used during peak hours and riding an express bus.

The card has allowed me to save more than $20 per month.

What I like most about this card is that it allows unlimited travel. Sometimes, my toddler falls asleep and I do not want to wake her up, I will continue the journey, whether on bus or MRT, so that she could take a longer nap.



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