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Thank You, Singapore!

Singapore is 50 years old this year!

Every Singaporean and permanent resident household receives a SG50 funpack. Every funpack is different. Here are the items that are inside the funpack for my family.

1. The tote bag that contains all the items. (It reads “Never mind lah!”)


Tote bag in red and white

2. Some related booklets



3. The national flags. (One inside the plastic bag)


National flags

4. Snacks and drink (haw flakes and lollipop)


Snacks and drink

5. Figurine of Singa, erasers, Snap card game, etc.


Singa figurine, erasers, etc

6. I was wondering why the image is mirror image, and then I realize it is tattoo.



7. The most important thing that I was looking for: “NDP 2015”


“NDP 2015”

I do not unwrap the items. They will be kept for my children and grandchildren to see, excluding the snacks and drink, of course!

* * ### Thanks for reading! ### * *

1 Comment

  1. duaimei says:

    Thank you for sharing!

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

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