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Is This Depression?


The lights go out

But you’re not scared

You’ve expected this


Day by day

You live like a robot

Not interested in your

favourite game anymore


No excitement

No expectation




The feeling

won’t go away

That sad somber



You wonder

What is the meaning of life?

What is the purpose of life?

Is this depression?



You can’t give up

There is a vulnerable baby

who depends on you



a holiday?

a visit to psychiatrist?



A long long way to go

* * ### Thanks for reading! ### * *


  1. ChristineR says:

    I hope not, but a baby can bring you low. Now you’re a mother, you eventually notice that your edges have shifted, blending with your baby. And there can be a little grieving for your old life. Take care, Wendy. Keep live simple for now, if you can.

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