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It is humiliating

Your name is the same as the zodiac Cancer

How is that possible?

Cancer is loyal, nurturing and loving

But you are the total opposite

How can you be loyal when you attack almost anyone?

How can you be nurturing when what you bring is only suffering?

How can you be loving when what you bring to the family is fear?


Hope for the best!


What are you?

Why advanced medical technology

can’t conquer you?


Go away

We do not want you here

We want our family members and friends


Note to myself

My youngest uncle has passed away due to cancer. Before him, my neighbour and my friend’s father have passed away within this year due to cancer.

There are many others who have cancer and are still surviving. It seems that the current medical technology still cannot fully conquer cancer. Hopefully, one day, cancer will be gone for good.


  1. ChristineR says:

    Our scientists have had some success with particular cancers, but many others defy detection and treatment. Here in Australia, we have screening methods to catch cancers early, like free breastscreens and cervical cancer checkups every two years.These organisations send you reminders when you are due again. When you reach 55 a government health department contacts you to participate in simple free bowel cancer screening. We have advertising campaigns to advise men to have the easy blood test to detect prostrate cancer.

    I’m sorry to hear about your family deaths, Wendy. My sister died from pancreatic cancer a few years ago and I have lost an uncle and a brother-in-law to bowel cancer as well.

    Look after yourself. ❤

    • Wendy says:

      In Singapore, we have similar medical system for early detection. For my uncle case, I know he defied treatment because there was slim chance for survival.

      Look after yourself too ❤

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