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Retrospection before The End

I have never tried free writing before. At school, teachers or the exam papers tell you to write a composition based on a specific title. I am always good at that. Of course, at primary school, we do not need to write so many words.

After so many years of leaving my primary school, I think my writing has become worse. I remember once an English teacher asked me to read in front of the class because of my composition was well-written. Now, no one has ever asked me to read in front of a crowd.

Thus, I join the Writing Challenge, hoping to find the fire of writing inside me again. So far, not much encouragement because the views are just slightly higher than my maximum views before I join the Writing Challenge.

Before I start this post, I check out how long is a 400-word post. I hope that does not count as cheating. I am good at estimation of words if I write on paper but I have never estimated the words in a page of typing. Who needs to count the words manually when you have the computer to help you?

This retrospection of the Writing Challenge is divided into three sections:


I have written 18 posts. I do my best to use the twist and I find that twist is a good way to write the post better. I like the serial killer series very much. Before I even read the whole prompt on the first serial killer series, I already have an idea what I want to write. Thus, the second post is ready even before the prompt is out. The third prompt comes as an unexpected one but I manage to link the last post to my main point — anti-smoking.

The first few posts were written in a hurry because I was overseas and wrote two posts in a day to catch up. Luckily, I manage to write to every prompt up to Day 19, though most of the time, I am behind schedule. Better late than never, right?

Along the way, I actually find myself writing better despite the dissatisfaction of the statistics.


I am writing retrospection for Day 19. I have been thinking of writing retrospection after the Writing Challenge though I do not know if time permits. Since the prompt for Day 19 is free writing, I take this chance to write retrospection. The writing style is quite academic, breaking down into an introduction, three main points and a conclusion.


I have not read the prompt for Day 20 yet. Nonetheless, I plan to complete the whole course of the Writing Challenge. I hope to publish the post for Day 20 within 24 hours after this post is published.

Other than writing better, I have also find out other things about my writing:

  • I can write two posts in a day. Previously, I was just too lazy to write anything.
  • I write better with a specific idea in my mind. If I resonate well with the prompt and the twist, most of the time I am satisfied with my writing too.
  • I was a perfectionist. I read again and again, edit again and again, think again and again before I publish a post. That’s why my productivity is always slow. Now that I know, as long as it is well-written, people will read it, no matter how short or long it is. I am more open to short posts now, though I have never written a very long one.

That ends the retrospection.

Note to myself

Time spent: 25 minutes of continuous writing.

Word count: 599. It is more than 400 words and I still have some ideas in my mind. Never mind. No editing required; I will just leave it as it is. If I have a chance to read this post after a few years, I believe I will learn something from this post.


  1. ChristineR says:

    Hi Wendy, I failed to keep up with the tasks, but will get them all done eventually. It is an excellent learning experience and the more one writes the easier it gets. As to word count, I write in a word processor then copy and paste to the wordpress box, but I usually just ignore the suggested length. My problem is in keeping stuff short. Well done for doing all the tasks, having only the one to go is great! 😀

    • Wendy says:

      Hi Christine, thanks for the encouragement. I am still struggling for the last one, really hope I can make it to the last.

  2. schattenengel says:

    Well,… Congratulations.
    Your reasoning is well-written. You really have a reason to be satisfied 🙂

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