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I am a Big Boy

Today is my birthday. I am 12 today. Mum says I am a big boy now. The birthday party is tonight. I am so excited that I can’t wait for the party. Oh, maybe I should just go outside to calm my nerves.

It is a sunny day. A great day for a birthday. Wait, what is the policeman doing at Mrs. Pauley’s house? Policeman is supposed to catch the bad guy and Mrs. Pauley is not bad. Her eldest son, Mikey, has been giving me tuition. I know how to count better because of him.

Mikey did mention something about not being able to pay the rent last week. Yes, it must be about the rent. I remember the man in yellow shirt. He comes here every month to collect the rent. Do you need a policeman to collect rent? This is too much. Two men are bullying a helpless woman. I am not going to let this happen.

I rush to my room and take the $200 that grandpa has given me for my birthday. I rush again to Mrs. Pauley.

“Hello there, what’s the matter here?” I say this confidently to the two men.

“Boy, this is not your business. Go and play elsewhere.” The man is trying to chase me away.

“I am a big boy now. I want to know what’s happening here. Mrs. Pauley is my neighbour and we should look out for each other.” I insist for an answer, though the answer is obvious.

“Jacky, you should be out of this.” Mrs. Pauley says in a sad voice.

All of them have underestimated me. I am a big boy now, you know.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Pauley. I am here to help.”

“What can you help? Little boy? She owes me three months of rent. Three months!” shouts the man.

“There, there, you are being harsh to the lady. Three months of rent? Here is $200, keep the change.” I say proudly. Do I sound like an adult?

The man laughs. Mrs. Pauley smiles a little. They really belittle me. $200 is a lot!

Finally, the policeman speaks.

“Mr. K, let’s give Mrs. Pauley some time to get the money. There’s no point keep forcing her if she really cannot pay.”

“I will be back!”

The two men leave.

“Thank you, young man. You can keep the $200.” Mrs. Pauley is relieved, for now.

“No, Mrs. Pauley. You keep the money. This is the tuition fees for Mikey. My mum forgot to pay him last week.”

“Thank you…” Mrs. Pauley hugs me.

“Mrs. Pauley, I need to go home now. Oh ya, you don’t have to bring me any gift tonight, your hug is the best gift for me!”

I run home happily. I am a big boy now, you know.


Note to myself

Time spent: 35 minutes of writing with some distraction.

Another post that is written from the view of a boy. I like it. Hope you like it too.

I use repetition to emphasize the point of his wanting to be a grown-up and the dialogue is written as if he is imitating adults.

The length is another bonus to me. I have been writing short posts for previous assignments.

What is your say?

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