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Is This My Voice?

I am a subtle person. People often misunderstand me because I do not give opinions. They do not know whether I like or dislike something, someone, somewhere, etc. Nonetheless, if I do give opinions, that means I care a lot and that makes my voice louder.

12 Jun 2030, just another day for me. I am browsing through Facebook news feed and find this saddening news:

This year is the last year for Penang Bon Odori Festival.

What! What’s happening? I have only been there once, but I love it. There are Japanese dances, Japanese food and some Japanese games to play. Best of all, there are fireworks later in the night. How can they just stop the event? Many people like the event too.

When my husband comes back later in the evening, I tell him about the news.

“Shall we fly to Penang and join the festival for the last time?” asks my husband.

“We are not young anymore, you know. And we have children to take care of.”

“We can bring them together. It is in July, we still have time to plan.”

“The kids need to go to school.”

“Are you kidding me? The festival is on a weekend.”

“I am busy on weekends …”

“I am going to book flight tickets now. Take out your passport … and the children’s passport.”

“Ok, here you are,” out of nowhere, the passports are ready to be given to my husband.

“I knew you wanted to go there desperately,” whispers my husband.


Note to myself

Time spent: 20 minutes of writing with some time spent on finding the right name for the festival.

Yes, I am subtle, I love the festival but I do not say it. I wrote it in a future date because I really do not want to see it ends one day.

What is your say?

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