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To My Idol

Dear super-achiever Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,

Despite the famous Sherlock Holmes, I have not read any of your books. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Then, you ask, how do I know your name?

I know your name because of Detective Conan, a famous Japanese detective manga series. You do not know how famous you are, do you? Even the Japanese has made a manga series using your name. I believe there are a lot of Conan fans out there, both Conan from England and Conan from Japan.

So, I am just an accidental idol, you say. No. I am writing this letter to you because I am reading a book, Success Secrets of Sherlock Holmes — Life Lessons from the Master Detective. On Page 29, there is this sentence

“What super-achievers like Holmes understand is that paying attention to the details even when it doesn’t seem to matter — especially when it doesn’t seem to matter — is the key to succeeding when the stakes are much, much higher.” by David Acord.

The word super-achievers with the little hyphen jumps off the page. And I need to do a writing assignment on this word. Since young, I do not believe in perfection. There is no perfect human being. Even the famous (Japanese) Conan has his own unsolvable personal problem despite his ability to solve many mysteries.

You know what? When I read the introduction of the book, I feel unbelievable, to say the least. How can a person be a doctor, a writer, a detective and an adventurer at the same time and do well in whatever he / she is into? This is near-perfection. I do not know if you have anything that you regret doing or not doing?

I have been trying a lot of things, but it seems that I do not succeed in anyone of them. I am far from perfection. There are a lot of people out there who are better than me. I am reading the book because I want to learn from Sherlock Holmes and I accidentally find another treasure — you, a real character in life that proves perfection is not a dream.

I wanted to write to 221B Baker Street in London, to Sherlock Holmes. But I know he is just a fictional character. Even if I receive a reply, it is not from Sherlock Holmes himself. Thus, I write to you. Will you reply me? Any form will do, email, phone call, or in my dream.

Wishing you a great life even after your death.


Yours Sincerely,

An accidental fan


Note to myself

Time spent: 43 minutes of writing, with my mind wandering.

Page 29 is the last page for Secret 3 and the length is only half a page. When the word “super-achievers” jumps off, I was like, what? What can I write on super-achiever? I don’t even bother to search for it on Google.

I like the twist of the assignment, a book review with a twist next time?


  1. ChristineR says:

    I love this. ❤

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