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The Old House

I call it my old house because I lived there for more than 20 years and my family has moved to a “new” house a year ago. I was at overseas when my family moved to the new house. My things were moved by my family. The old house is rented to two young men.

In my memory, though small, the old house is where I grow up. There is a green field just outside the house. We had a small garden too. I requested a hibiscus plant from my grandmother and planted it outside the house. The green field has a few trees along the roadside. When we were younger, my brother and I used to climb up a tree each and claimed it as our tree house.

Inside the house, two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and two bathrooms. We seldom have visitors. It is because the house is small. A group of three people will make the house looks like a packed sardine can. Yet, the children can always go outside and play. It is in a five-storey flat with no lift. We used to climb up the stairs to find our neighbours and play with them.

There was an old grumpy man living on the fourth storey. Do you know children? When children play, noise is inevitable. We always got scolded by the old man. I remembered once, the old man was chasing after my brother with a cane! Naughty boy. Of course, we still enjoyed our childhood.

The old house is now rented out. I miss it so much. One day, I unpacked my things and asked my mum to bring me to the old house. I have thought of a great reason to be back there. I have cleared two drawers to give to the tenants. I have had great hope to meet my old house. The house is full of fond memories.

From the outside, we saw that the lights were on. We went to the door.


A man opened the door and led us in. Wow, the living room was full of cans of drinks and the kitchen was full of shoes! I am shocked. The house was clean and tidy. Now it is dirty and messy. I tip-toed in and out of the house. What a disappointment. The man must think that I am crazy. No, I am just sad that my old friend is in such a dirty and messy state.

Ah… I think I need to accept the new house as my new house. The old house is dead.

What is your say?

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