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Day 9: A Day at the Park

A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater. The man begins to cry.

The man

I like walking in the park. Mum used to walk in the park with me, like now. Of course, without the holding hands. There is even a dancing session weekly. I love to shake left and right, the shaking moves my muscles. I know my muscles are getting weaker. I hope she does not notice it.

I think of mum. I am not sure when I will join her in the heaven. Nonetheless, I cry because I do not want to part with the lady besides me, who has accompanied me since young. We spend time together, she knows me well and she understands me. If possible, I want to grow old with her. If I leave her, she will be all alone.

The woman

I feel his fingers clutching to my left hand in a hard way. I feel a little pain. Something must be wrong with his muscles. Ah, yes, I forget he cannot tell me, his vocabulary is like a six-year-old’s. Maybe I need to bring him for a body check-up some day.

I love being with him, holding hands, walking together in a park. We used to walking together, three of us, mum, him and me, after dad has passed away.

There are tears in his eyes. Why? Are his eyes deteriorating too? I must bring him for a body check-up tomorrow, no more waiting.

My one and only brother, now that both our parents have passed away, I do not want something bad to happen to you. Though mentally retarded, you still deserve the best in life. I will do whatever I can to be with you.

Oh, we walk pass an old woman. We should walk back to her and chat with her. She looks like an old wise woman.

The old woman

Knitting, knitting, knitting…

Is this the only thing that an old woman like me can do? I want to be free and enjoy my life. This muscle is killing me; every knit takes all my effort. It is so tiring. How I wish I could be younger.

The weather is warm, I like warm weather. The couple is walking towards me, maybe I can chit-chat with them. I am all alone here. Would they chit-chat with me? I am just an old, useless old woman.

Wait, they are not couple. They are brother and sister. Believe me, I do not grow this old to mistake a couple for a pair of brother and sister. Yes, they will chit-chat with me. The woman will ask me to give some life advice. The man is mentally retarded, he will sit there and listen.

They walk pass me.

I told you, they turn back towards me. What a lovely day.

Note to myself

Time spent: 15 minutes of continuous writing.

I have the idea before I start writing, thus less editing and can complete within shorter time frame.

Overall satisfied with the writing.

What is your say?

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