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Two Twin Sisters

Today is the school sports day. Jane and Jenny reach home and throw their school bags on the floor.

“I take shower first. Later we have tuition,” says Jenny.

Jane, though tired, grabs a book and sits down to read. After taking shower, Jenny joins Jane and starts reading another book from the same genre.

“Won’t you go shower? The tutor is coming soon,” says Jenny to Jane, after some time of reading.

“Don’t bother about me. I know what I am doing.”

“Later you will be late.”

“Shut up,” shouts Jane.

Jane takes her shower just 10 minutes before the tutor reaches the house.

“Where is Jane?” asks the tutor.

“She is taking a shower. Today I need to do a difficult English assignment,” says Jenny.

“I see. Let’s get started,” the responsible tutor starts the class immediately.

Jenny takes out her laptop and starts the writing while Jane joins the class.

“What do you need to do today, Jane?” asks the tutor.

“Something…” says Jane while taking out her laptop and starts reading some non-academic articles on the internet.

“Jane!” the tutor looks at Jane sternly.

“Okay, okay,” Jane goes to the e-learning website and starts doing homework.

“Jane, don’t you need to write about sports day like me?”

“Yeah, I will do that later,” the unconcerned Jane answers.

“I like sports. I have had fun today.”

“I hate sports. It is tiring.”

“Yeah, tiring but fun,” says Jenny, who is still excited about the sports day.

The tutor reads “I have done well in today’s sports day. Our basketball team won the second prize…” from Jenny’s writing.

“I am done,” says Jenny.

“Good. Your next assignment is …”

“We need to write a report on natural disaster. I have chosen flood…”

“What?” interrupts Jane.

“I have chosen flood. Did you choose flood too, Jane?” asks Jenny.

“Yeah, I have borrowed some books to do research on flood,” says Jane while looking at a pile of books.

“Good, then you can share the books with Jenny,” says the tutor encouragingly.

“No, I don’t want to share, she does her own research,” protests Jane.

“It is okay, Ms. Joey. I can do my own research. I am happy that we have that twin instinct,” says Jenny.

Yes, Jane and Jenny are twins. Though they look-alike, they have very different attitude towards each other, studies and life. Nonetheless, they are twins, after all.


Note to myself

Time spent: 38 minutes of continuous writing with no editing.

I have always wondered if twins share the same instinct. I have two aunts who are twins, but I hardly find anything similar between both of them. Jane and Jenny are two fictional characters that I create based on a young pair of twins. I believe that when twins are younger, they still share similar interests.


  1. Cielo says:

    I wish i had a twin..nicely done!

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