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From Colleague to Friend

From the first look, she looks like the girl next door. Though beautiful and young, she does not have other special features that make her distinct in a large crowd. You can find most girls are fair and with long curly hair.

I know her at the work place. It is a cooking gas delivery company; the receptionists are females while the drivers are males. Many of the drivers are first attracted to her because she stands out in the crowd of six receptionists. Yet, her working performance is not up to par. Other receptionists tend to bully her, maybe due to her beauty, maybe due to her incompetence at work.

I pity her because she seems to be willing to learn. It is not my job to teach her but I use my time to explain to her on the work flow and how she can do better. The job at the company is easy for me; I can complete my work earlier than other people and have time to guide her along.

Anyway, other receptionists also “strongly recommend” that I teach her because they give up on her. Her previous jobs were in sales and marketing. She is good at talking to customers. Nonetheless, she is bad at calculation and takes too long to close an order. She has her own way of doing her job, yet not approved by other receptionists and the boss has since put the spotlight on her.

“She just won’t listen.”

“She talks too long on the phone.”

These are the comments from other receptionists. What I find out is, because other receptionists have no patient to teach her, so she is always stuck half-way. She takes a long time to complete a task because she has problem understanding the task and no one is willing to explain in details to her.

I have done my best to guide, help and protect her. She knows. It is a pity my tasks are completed and it is time for me to leave. On my last day at the company, we were on the same taxi, chatting and promising to keep in touch.

After I left the company, we came out a few times together. She is always the one who is late. Once, I was so frustrated that I sent her an angry emoticon. The reason was that she said she was on the way, she even told me the MRT station that she was at. Looking at the MRT map, I calculated that she would reach soon.

But I miscalculated one thing, she lied. I was angry because I thought something bad happened to her. When I met her after almost two hours from our appointed time, I told her it is best to tell me the truth because I can arrange my time accordingly. She “improves” a lot after the incident.

She changes jobs a few times after I left the company. My personal view is she uses her beauty and charm to get the job, but her incompetence gets her out of job. Yes, there are a lot of people out there who are like her. You may be angry and frustrated when you first meet those people. But, life is fair. You need to show your competence to survive in this world.

Why I do not hate her like other receptionists? Because my position is higher than her and I do not need to compete with her. I sincerely hope she can improve and do her job better. By the way, I have always wanted a sister. Thus, I treat her like my sister rather than just a colleague.

I wish her all the best in her life.


Note to myself

Time spent: 23 minutes of continuous writing with no editing, another 15 minutes of first editing and another 10 minutes of second editing.

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