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Three Important Songs

This is hard. As a person who loves music, I like different types of music and I like a lot of different songs of different languages. My liking for a specific song changes when life circumstances change.

When I was younger, I like to listen to the latest hit songs, whether they are Chinese songs or English songs. There was a time when I like sad love songs, mostly are Chinese songs. There was one Chinese song that I hummed continuously when I have tendered my resignation at a company because the lyrics suit the mood. I also like movie theme songs. If I like the theme song, I like the movie too.

If I can only choose three most important songs, the first song is Secrets by OneRepublic. I am a subtle person and I do not talk a lot about myself. People may think that I have a lot of secrets but I am just a plain girl in this world who is quiet in nature. Nonetheless, I believe everyone has a secret that he or she does not want other people to know. All of us have something in the past that we do not want other people to know. Secrets is played in the movie The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. I like Nicholas Cage, the movie, the song and the science in the movie.

The second song is Time After Time (花舞う街で) by Mai Kuraki (倉木麻衣). This is a Japanese song of my favourite manga series – Detective Conan. I learn Japanese because of Conan and the Japanese songs in the series. Though Detective Conan is about detective stories, it also brings out the sad love story between Shinichi Kudo (工藤新一) and Ran Mouri (毛利蘭).

The third song is 责任 (responsibility) by 张宇 (Phil Chang). I have been listening to songs by Phil Chang. Phil Chang and his wife work together to create good songs. This is the type of relationship that I have always wanted. Though most of the songs created by them are sad songs, the songs are very famous. I first heard of 责任after I get married. Maybe it is the extra responsibility that I have, maybe it is the sad tune that resonates with my soul, it is just a song that I fall in love when I first heard of it. By the way, Phil Chang and I share the same horoscope 🙂


Note to myself

  • Time spent: 15 minutes of continuous writing, 30 minutes of writing while listening to songs and doing some background check on the facts. Then, the writing is interrupted by dinner. After that, 30 minutes of wrapping up.
  • Other than the first 15 minutes, my mind is multi-tasking for the rest of the time. I just can’t let go!
  • I tried something new; I put the YouTube URL of the three songs.

What is your say?

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