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My Dream House

As I mentioned in the previous post, I am just back from an overseas trip. I have two homes, one is my husband’s house and another is my brother’s house. The two houses are separated by more than 700 km. I am the type of person who would like to live as close as possible to my family.

When I was younger, I have always wanted to marry my neighbour. Nonetheless, I met someone who is from another country. My dream retirement house was a small isolated house on a green patch. After I am married, the small house is upgraded into a big isolated house on a green patch. Green is good for the eyes. The big house is for my family members to live in, including my mother, my two brothers and their immediate family, my husband and my future children.

I spent around 10 minutes to look for a similar picture that is in my mind. Then, I spent another 20 minutes or so to edit the picture. Though not perfect, it is quite similar to the picture in my mind, green patch and blue sky.

Other than living with my family members, I also want to beautiful garden. The garden should have some bamboos that my husband likes and different colours of hibiscus that I like. I would like the garden to be colourful.

Inside the house, there would be enough bedrooms for everyone or every couple. I love books and music. Thus, there would be a music-cum-entertainment room with a piano, a guitar, a drum set and a home theatre set. Since the house is almost isolated, there is a mini library with quiet ambience. The books are arranged by categories, such as children books, cooking books, novels, etc.

I really hope I can have my dream comes true.


My dream house with blue sky and green patch

Note to myself

Time spent: 30 minutes on picture & 25 minutes on writing

Length could be longer.

What is your say?

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