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The First 20 Minutes

I am late! I know I have signed up for Writing 101, I remember, but it is the computer network which does not allow me to go to WordPress website. So, no posts for the last three days. Lucky for me, due to the time difference, it is only three days. I thought it would be four days. If it were four days, I am not sure if I have the momentum to start from Day 1.

I started writing blog in February 2013. I have been writing diary since young, but blogging is a new thing to me. I do not want to make it too personal like a diary because I know a lot of people are reading it. Yet, I do not want to sound too general either. Until now, I seem to be lost at what should I write and what should I not write.

Other than that, time is also a factor. I started writing when I have some free time to think, organize and write. Along the way, my life becomes more hectic and busier. I have a lot of ideas, I try to keep some interesting pictures in my mobile phone, but I end up keeping those ideas and pictures as they are.

Oh ya, and the computer is a problem to me too, plus the computer network. Though I do not travel frequently, but I find it difficult to get online if I am overseas. The laptop that I am using to write and publish has lagging problem sometimes. I have even prepared a scheduled post to notify my readers, just in case the laptop is down and I cannot find any alternative for some time.

Though I may have a lot of ideas, I spend a lot of time on figuring out how to write, which word to use, whether there is any suitable picture to put, etc. I have never written something continuously for 20 minutes because my mind drifts away. I look up the dictionary, I get a bite of a piece of bread, I check out the raining sound outside, I go to other websites, etc. (My mind likes multi-tasking)

I am happy that I start with Day 1, I have successfully written for 17 minutes, with no disruption of the slow laptop. I drifted away for a second or two but I kept track of the time and quickly came back to the writing. This is really a good practice. Keep writing no matter what, even when there is thunder outside.

Just like taking any test, I stop writing at 18 minutes and use the balance 2 minutes to check what I have written. I thought I would not be able to complete a post, but I have completed with 2 minutes left, I hope that does not count as cheating.

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  1. cocoblaq says:

    I just may do that – take out 20 minuted and write anything that comes to mind.

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