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A Story for a Song — 责任 (The Song)

张宇 (Phil Chang) is one of the famous singers of my era. Though I have been listening to his songs for some years, I first heard of 责任 recently from a friend’s CD. I fall in love with the song immediately. Subsequently, I search for the lyrics and the music video.

I love sad songs, I love the lyrics and I love the “story” of the song. I want to write a story for this song because the music video does not bring out my feeling towards the lyrics. Before that, let’s look at the lyrics.

Disclaimer: The lyrics of the song is for learning purpose.



我听着妳上了锁     重重靠在门的背后

哭着用力地说     既然去留都错     非要铁心拒绝我

我只跌坐在门口     想像门后妳的反驳

就算爱也足够     毕竟责任太多     怎么才能让妳懂

心里的痛难受     选择的路难走     了解的话没有人肯对我说

想给妳的越多     辜负妳的越多     有谁会知道我承受的折磨

心里的痛难受     选择的路难走     我最爱的妳连眼神都空洞

越在乎的温柔     伤我伤的越重     得到和失去竟都在这个时候


Chinese Language Learning Corner

  • 责任 — responsibility
  • 锁 — lock (verb)
  • 背后 — behind, 门的背后 = behind the door
  • 错 — wrong
  • 拒绝 — reject
  • 想像 — imagine
  • 爱 — love
  • 足够 — sufficient
  • 太多 — too much, 责任太多 = too much responsibility
  • 懂 — understand
  • 心里的痛 — the pain in the heart
  • 选择的路 — the chosen road
  • 了解的话 — the understanding words
  • 折磨 — torturing (noun), 折磨 can also be used as a verb
  • 温柔 — tender, as in love and tender
  • 得到和失去 — obtain and lose

Listen to the song a few times. Do you have a story of your own from the lyrics? Let’s go to my story now!

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  1. belindq says:

    Just reading the lyrics, I can feel the strong emotions behind it. I’m not going to listen the music right now due to the noisy environment. Plan to enjoy the good music alone in the middle of night when my family is all sleeping.

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