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Learn Chinese Language From a Song — 爱不胜防

爱不胜防 is one of my favourite songs for the following reasons:

1. The title of the song is slightly altered from the idiom 防不胜防。

2. The ending word rhymes.

3. The song is the sub theme song of 《好运到》 (It’s a Wonderful Life, a Singapore drama series).

4. It is a duet.

5. Other than 防不胜防, the lyrics also include other idioms like 恍然大悟、铭心刻骨 and 义无反顾。Furthermore, the ending word of the three idioms rhymes!

6. This is a good song to learn Chinese language for intermediate or advanced learners.

爱不胜防 is talking about a budding love relationship. From the positive words of 幸福、庆祝 and 礼物, we know the love relationship will have a happy ending. 苏智诚 and 魏妙如 sing the song. You may want to search the song in YouTube by the keywords: 爱不胜防,苏智诚 & 魏妙如。

Disclaimer: The lyrics of the song is for learning purpose.




情节越起伏     结局就会越刻骨



F:直到遇见你     我才恍然大悟


从此笑是幸福     泪是幸福     安静也幸福



M:它让心很满足     梦更丰富     每天值得庆祝

D:从此两颗心     一条路     两个人同步



D:原来爱不胜防     只要我们勇敢去追逐

M:自己那份幸福     一旦认定     就要义无反顾

D:等到走过沙丘     走过荒芜     才能够领悟


(M = male, F = female, D = duet)

Chinese Language Learning Corner

  • duet — 双人合唱歌曲
  • 幸福 — happiness. Personally, I do not think happiness can represent 幸福 wholly. 幸福 is more than happy. It is a feeling of love with someone you love, a good food, a good song, etc.
  • 庆祝 — celebrate
  • 礼物 — present
  • 读一本书 — read a book
  • 感觉 — feeling
  • 记录 — record (verb)
  • 笑 — laugh
  • 泪 — tears
  • 安静 — quietness (noun). In this song, it means that even if quietness between the two people, it is also a bliss. 安静 is also an adjective, as in 课室里很安静。(It is quiet in the classroom.)
  • 两颗心 — two hearts
  • 一条路 — one road
  • 两个人同步 — two people walk in synchronization

The vocabulary is difficult, but if you can find beauty in it, you will love the song. Hope you have learnt some Chinese words while listening to the song. Enjoy!

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