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Book Review — 学习方法

I borrowed this book from the library and found out that it is a book worth reading by students.

学习 = learning

方法 = methods


作者:林耿熙、赵棚焕 (Korean authors)

《学习方法》 is translated from a Korean book. Thus, the examples in the book are from Korea. From the title of the book, the book writes about learning methods that can help students to excel in learning. I see a lot of “Study OK!” in the book and on the book cover but I am not sure if it is the English title.

There are five sections with one extra bonus on study techniques for different subjects. The first section is about what you need to learn, namely a goal or target, confidence, focus, persistence, etc.

The second section is about planning. There are two misconceptions that we normally have on planning:

1. We only need to plan the time for study

We always plan to learn, but we need to plan to play too. Else, we will play and forget the time and eventually affect learning.

2. We only plan what time to study

When we plan, we plan two hours for Chinese language. The question is, how much you want to learn in two hours? A chapter? Ten new words? We need to include how much we want to accomplish and how much to learn in the plan so that we have a target to keep us going.

The third section is about how to find a suitable learning style for yourself. The style that is suitable for your friend may not be suitable for you.

The fourth section is about how to tackle examinations and the final section is about different ways to learn. Other than the bonus section, there are a lot of cute drawings in the book too.

Do you face problems in learning? If yes, you may find this book useful. Happy reading and learning!


The book cover


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