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What Can We Learn from Robocop?

If you have watched Robocop (1987), maybe you will not like Robocop (2014). I remember I have watched Robocop before Robocop (2014), but I forget about the original version. This post is about the remake movie, Robocop (2014), which I have watched this year.

What Can We Learn from Robocop?

1. There are two sides to every coin

We have learnt this from Frozen. For Robocop, we extend the idea further to people. There are good people and bad people out there. There is a Chinese idiom, 害人之心不可有,防人之心不可无, which means we should not have the heart to harm other, but at the same time, we must be vigilant so that we will not be harmed.

There are bad guys everywhere, even in the police department. Thus, we must always be vigilant. When Alex is prevented from seeing his wife and son, Clara, his wife, finds a way to confront Alex. It is because Clara has sensed that something is not right about Alex when he ignores his waiting wife and son at the press conference.

2. Systems are inter-related

Our body is made up of different systems working together. When Alex is emotionally overwhelmed, the doctor lowers his dopamine levels until he no longer displays any emotions. Yes, this is what a doctor can do when you want fast results. The bad news is, we do not know if other systems in the body are affected too. Thus, we must always be careful and think about long-term solution.

For example, if we increase sugar intake, we will have the risk of having diabetes. Next, we take the medicine to control the blood sugar level and the kidneys will need to work harder to cleanse the body. One thing leads to another. We must always think of the consequences of what we do today.

3. Problems are everywhere

Due to systems are inter-related, it takes time to find the root cause and solve the problem permanently. But, time is a crucial factor in the movie, they cannot afford to wait. Thus, more and more problems awaiting.

In life, we face problems everyday. It is important to tackle every problem, small or big, carefully. If you face a Mathematics problem today, what do you do? Ignore it? If you ignore it, you will have problem understanding and solving other Mathematics questions.

4. Biology / Psychology

How the lungs expand? You can watch it in the movie. Beware, the scenes may be disturbing and sickening for some people.

Feeling is what differentiates us from robots. It is the human element that makes human cares and loves for people, animals and other things in this world. Would you live together with an emotionless person? Imagine a world with robots, they wake up at the same time, go to work at the same time and sleep at the same time. Isn’t it a boring world?

Nonetheless, calm emotion (aka emotionless) is important in decision-making. Robots can make better decision, you say. Well, nobody is perfect. Human makes mistakes and learn from them. The world is more fun and exciting with some mistakes here and there.

5. Family stays together

Even though Alex is prevented from seeing his wife and son, even though Alex ignores his wife and son, even though Alex has become emotionless, Clara does not give up on Alex. This is family, this is love and this is something you cannot get from a robot. Furthermore, I am so touched when Alex’s son records all the matches but does not watch them, he is waiting for his father to watch together with him.

Robocop is a human vs. robots story. Personally, I prefer human to robots. Which one do you prefer?

What is your say?

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