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Visit New Zealand Plan

I spent a whole day planning a backpack trip to New Zealand. Unfortunately, my mother and I will be visiting Korea and I will not have sufficient money and time to visit two countries in a year. Thus, I want to put the plan that I have planned half-way here so that anyone who shares similar interest can refer to it. Since I have not completed the planning, you may amend as and when necessary.

New Zealand comprises of North Island and South Island. The plan is to visit South Island first and then North Island. Before I start with the itinerary, here is a list of activities that I want to do in New Zealand:

1. Get a tattoo

I forget where I get this idea, but getting a small tattoo on my leg in New Zealand sounds fun. Furthermore, I already know what I want to tattoo 🙂

2. Dolphin watching

There are two places to watch dolphins: Bay of Islands of North Island and Kaikoura of South Island. I am very “kiasu”, if I am unable to watch dolphins at one place, then I go to the other place. It is a must-watch before I leave New Zealand.

3. Horse riding

4. Take pictures of sheep, kiwi (the animal), church, all-green scenery, sea and mountain, Tangaroa God.

I love taking pictures. Having a list of pictures to take means I must look around for these things as in a treasure hunt. For the sea and mountain pictures, the pictures must have both the sea and the mountain.

5. Eat kiwi fruit, Fish n Chips, seafood (crabs)

I know there is other delicious food, but those are my favourites. I wish to have hot spring boiled egg as well. But it is optional because it is not economical to boil two eggs at a time and I do not know if any strangers will share one of their eggs with me.


Day 1: Queenstown Airport

Day 2: Queenstown to Dunedin

Places to visit are Tunnel Beach, Dunedin Railway Station, Cadbury Chocolate Factory and Dunedin Botanic Gardens. If there is time left, optional places to visit are Larnach Castle and Olveston House.

Day 3: Dunedin to Otago

How to go: Take a 2.5 hour-train trip (Taieri Gorge Railway) from Dunedin to Middlemarch.

Activity: Cycling through orchards, vineyards and farmland (Take pictures of sheep)

Venue: Otago Central Rail Trail. The trail takes 3 days to complete. But if you do not want to cycle for 3 days, shuttle transport is available to enable you to end your cycle journey almost anywhere along the trail.

Things needed: Sun block, water and sweater

Day 4: Otago to Hooker Valley, Aoraki / Mt. Cook National Park

Day 5: Milford Sound

Day 6: Lake Wakatipu

Day 7: Abel Tasman National Park

Kayaking at Torrent Bay

Day 8: Wellington (North Island)

Take Wellington cable car

Day 9: Cape Egmont Lighthouse, Cape Road, Pungarehu, Taranaki

Day 10: Mitai Maori Village

Address: 196, Fairy Springs Road, 3015 Ngongotaha

Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park

Day 11: Bay of Islands

Day 12: Auckland Airport (Goodbye!)


1. This plan is not for adventurous person who wants exciting activities such as bungee jump.

2. If you are interested, you may search in Youtube for “My Star Guide New Zealand” to get more ideas.

3. If you love driving, you may opt for camper van or rental car. Coach tour is also available.

4. Sun block is a must-bring item to New Zealand. If you are annoyed by insects, insect repellent will come in handy.

5. I do not go into details for budget. I estimate S$ 200 per day for food and accommodation in cheap motels and S$ 2500 maximum for the trip. For activities, I will limit myself to the five activities above (and picture-taking is free!)

If you have been to New Zealand, please give suggestions and / or comments for my itinerary. Thanks.


  1. duaimei says:

    If you like sea food, then you should have as much as you can while in New Zealand!

    Although I will probably never get a tattoo, I like the one that my friend has, it’s the mickey mouse symbol, but it’s all brown and pretty small – so if you didn’t know what it was, you’d assume it was a mole or beauty mark.

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