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Drink More Water

Whenever someone I know is sick, the only advice I give is: drink more water. The keyword is “more”. If you drink five glasses of water everyday, when you are sick, you need to drink more than five glasses of water.

You may have already known that benefits of drinking water. When you are sick, or you feel like you are going to fall sick, water helps your body to recover faster.

What water does to your body when you are sick?

1. Your body needs to fight the bacteria to heal. Thus, keeping your body in good working condition is important. Water is an important ingredient in digestion, absorption, circulation and transportation of nutrients. Drinking water is doing your body a favour.

2. By drinking more water, the excess water is excreted as urine, bringing the heat (for those with fever) and toxin away from your body.

3. Most probably you do not have any appetite, so drinking water is a simple way to keep you hydrated. Other fluids, such as soup, juice and milk will give you the energy.

Singapore is experiencing dry and hot weather now; drink more water to keep yourself hydrated. I have been drinking more water for the past few days due to mild fever and flu. I am also having more rest than usual and thus fewer posts published. Hopefully I recover soon.


1. Water is not medicine, if symptoms persist, please consult a doctor.

2. Drinking more water generally works for most people with mild symptoms, if you are seriously ill, please consult a doctor.

3. After so many years of using beauty products, I find out that my skin needs water, not beauty products!


  1. Thomas says:

    This is so true.I find sipping from a water bottle all day helps with concentration, fatigue and keeping healthy.

    Water is a preventative measure!

  2. aearthr says:

    Very true. Especially no 3. Drinking lots of water is more effective than using expensive skincare.

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