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In 二十四节令鼓, I have introduced the 24 seasons in the lunar calendar. Although Singapore is not a country with four seasons, some of the days are celebrated here.

The 24 seasons are:

立春、雨水、惊蛰、春分、清明、谷雨 (in Spring)

立夏、小满、芒种、夏至、小暑、大暑 (in Summer)

立秋、处暑、白露、秋分、寒露、霜降 (in Autumn)

立冬、小雪、大雪、冬至、小寒、大寒 (in Winter)

The first day of each season is called 立春、立夏、立秋 and 立冬 respectively. Thus, the four seasons are 春、夏、秋 and 冬.

Spring is a wet season with a lot of rain (雨), as seen from 雨水 and 谷雨. 清明 is a day (or a period before and after the actual day) when Chinese people remember and pay respect to their ancestors.

Summer is a hot season, as seen from 小暑 and 大暑. 暑 means heat and 大暑 is the hottest day of the year. 夏至, the summer solstice, is the longest day of the year.

Autumn is a season that changes from hot to cool, as seen from 处暑 (the ending of hot days) to 霜降 (the arriving of frost).

Winter is a cold season with snow (雪). Chinese people in Singapore celebrate 冬至, the winter solstice, by eating glutinous rice balls. 冬至, as opposed to 夏至, is the shortest day of the year.

二十四节气 is the wisdom of ancient Chinese. Learning Chinese language and 二十四节气 make you understand the four seasons more. Happy learning!


  1. Thomas says:

    Looking forward to studying this comprehensive explanation! I wondered what all the different hanzi on my Chinese calender meant!

    • Wendy says:

      From your first post, I know you have learnt Chinese language. If you need any help, feel free to write to me.

      • Thomas says:

        Thank you! I find it quite hard to develop my conversational Mandarin, but I think this blog idea will definitely help my thoughts flow. I see you’re studying Japanese? I studied that for many years (although long ago), so could help with any basic/intermediate questions you might have 🙂

        • Wendy says:

          Conversational Mandarin is easier than written Mandarin, you just need to find someone to talk to.
          Oh, Japanese… I am so ashamed of myself, I have been repeating the cycle of learning and stopping to learn. After so many years, I am still at basic level.

          • Thomas says:

            Every day I will do a little bit more.

            I guess it’s the same for you:
            If you find someone to talk to in Japanese, it will get easier. So…


          • Wendy says:

            Oh, I just saw your question on 中国の天気. I am a Chinese but I am not from China 🙂


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