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Japanese Journey 五 — Timetable

I have made a timetable for learning Japanese. But, I am way behind schedule. I prefer to study at my own pace because I am not taking a test at the end of the journey. I wish to be flexible with my time so that I can take care of my tutoring and blogging at the same time. I want to learn Japanese leisurely by watching TV programmes and speaking simple phrases with my spouse (though his only reply is “What were you saying?”)…

Leisure or serious? Of course I am serious with learning Japanese. No matter what reasons I give myself, I cannot slack anymore! Thus, I am going to put the new timetable here so that I can always remind myself of my progress.


Japanese learning time table

From the timetable, you can see that there is a break between 25 January and 10 February (Chinese New Year). Yes, everybody needs a break. When you are making a timetable for yourself, all special dates should be taken into consideration, such as holidays, and exam dates.

After each week, I will share what I have learnt. Though there is no exam, I need to write a post, so that will make me stick to the timetable.

Lessons learnt

1. Make a timetable for learning and stick to it.

2. Exam is a good way to “motivate” a person to study. For self-study, set a time to test your knowledge on the subject on regular basis. This will serve as an “exam” so that you will not slowly slack off.

3. A new Japanese word: Time — 時間

Next lesson here

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