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Japanese Journey 四 — The Particles

Somebody asked me why I share my Japanese learning experience, and not Chinese language or English language learning experience. The answer is simple: you can use the same method to learn any languages. Of course, my learning method may not be suitable for you, but you can refer and make the necessary adjustment.

Another reason is that I learnt Chinese language and English language at school, step-by-step, year-by-year, so the credit goes to all the teachers that have taught me well. Thank you.

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Last week, I revised the particles. When we first learn a language, we learn how to introduce ourselves.


I am Wendy.

At beginner level, I have been using “は” (pronounced “wa”) in most of the sentences for the subject. Little did I know, “は” is not the subject marker, but the topic marker. I am glad that I have done the revision. Now that I know “が” is the subject marker, which was seldom used by me, I will pay more attention to it.

The particles have been a problem to me because it is only one syllable. When I am listening to anime, it is too short to notice. Likewise, when you are learning other languages, pay attention to helping words. For example, many students who learn Chinese language do not know when to use 的、得 and 地 (pronounced “de”). It only takes around an hour to learn and understand the three helping words, but it benefits you for the rest of the learning journey.

Lessons learnt

1. To master a language, it needs lifelong effort.

2. Helping words may seem insignificant but it is worthwhile to master the helping words at early stage of learning a language.

3. Learn every aspect of the language, listen, read, write and speak (LRWS). [I have arranged the sequence for easy memorization, Love Resorts World Sentosa :-)]

Next lesson here…

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