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What Can We Learn from Frozen?

Have you watched Frozen? If you like Disney animation and musical movie, then you will like Frozen. Another reason that I like Frozen is because it is about the story of two sisters. I have always wanted a younger sister but I have two younger brothers instead.

What can we learn from Frozen?

1. Do not close the door

We face difficulties every now and then. There is a way to solve every difficulty. But, if you close the door, no one is able to help you. Be it an encouragement, be it an advice, be it just a hug… you need to open the door to receive it. We have family members and friends, even if they cannot help, they will ask for help from other people who may have faced similar difficulty. All you need to do is to open that door.

2. The opposite of love is not hate

The reason why Elsa closes the door to everyone is because she is afraid of her own power hurting the people around her. If she had opened the door, she would have discovered that love is all she needs to conquer the fear. The opposite of love is fear. All you need to do is to balance love and fear.

3. Do not protect the weaker one

What?! Yes, it sounds cruel, but I would like to make this an advice to myself and to all the parents. The King and the Queen (the parents) try to protect Anna, who does not possess any magical power, from Elsa. The problem is, the parents will die one day, most probably earlier than the children.

You can protect the weaker one for 10 years or 20 years, but not eternally. The weaker one will find a way to survive. If you are still worried that the weaker one is too young to think of a way to survive, you, as the parents, must think of a way to solve the problem, but not keeping the siblings apart.

4. Do not decide to marry someone whom you have just met that day

Despite how much you believe in love-at-first-sight, you can always wait for another day to decide an important decision. Marriage is a lifelong commitment. If the person is meant-to-be, he / she can always wait for another day too.

5. Things are beautiful when you only imagine them

I like the imagination of Olaf, the snowman. Nonetheless, reality is always tough. No matter how beautiful summer is to Olaf, he needs to face the reality that he will melt in summer. Of course, with Elsa’s magical power, Olaf survives. Where can I find Elsa in the real world?

6. There are two sides to every coin

Look at the magnificent ice castle built by Elsa, isn’t it great to have magical power? On the other hand, look at the “side-effect” of her magical power, the whole kingdom turns into a snow kingdom. There are two sides to every coin, we must look at the good and the bad of something and must also learn to control the power we have and not to be controlled by the power.

7. Be creative!

When Anna’s heart is hurt by Elsa and only a true love act can save her, everybody is thinking about a kiss from her true love. We must not let the conventional blind our eyes and mind. It turns out that a true love act is not a kiss. If you watch the movie, you will know the answer.

“She is my sister, she would never hurt me.” ~ Anna

Whether you have a sister or not, Frozen shows you that a sister is worth all your love. Have a great time enjoying the magical moments in the movie!



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