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Japanese Journey 三 — Why I Choose a Book?

You can find a lot of online resources for learning Japanese, but I choose a book for learning Japanese. It is a personal preference, reading a book works for me and here are the reasons:

1. The book refers you to extra information if there are some topics that it does not cover.

You may argue that there are more extra resources that you can find online. Yes, and that is the troublesome part. I have tried online resources, but when I click too many extra resources, I find myself lost and end up not learning anything.

2. There are too many choices online and I cannot find one that suit my needs

Am I a picky learner? I am not sure. Since it is easier to find a book than a website, so I might as well stick to the book.

3. You can write and make note on the book

This is a strong reason. The notes that I have written months ago will still be there when I open up the book after a few years.

4. The book is more systematic

Chapter by chapter, topic by topic, you will not go wrong with a book.

5. Though you can bookmark a website like you bookmark your book, the website may have moved after a while.

I like to put bookmark at the page of a book where I have stopped. I do the same for websites that I find interesting. When I have bookmarked more than 50 websites, I find them “hard to manage”. In the end, it is meaningless to bookmark any website because I seldom visit the bookmarked websites.

Even if I do visit the bookmarked websites, sometimes it is frustrating to find that some websites have been moved or become inactive.

6. Reading on computer hurts my eyes

For health reason, I choose a book.

Nonetheless, I do use the online dictionary and some other references when I need some extra information. For example, when I am learning katakana, I print the list of katakana from a website and learn how to write. When I am on the move, a mobile application with Japanese phrases is a good companion.

Which method is more suitable for you?

Lessons learnt

1. A new Japanese word: Why? — どうして?

2. Choose a suitable method and stick to it.

3. Use different resources as tools to enhance learning.

Next lesson here…

What is your say?

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