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Japanese Journey 一

I have mentioned that I am going to learn Japanese and share the learning experience. It is a good motivation when you declare something online because you know somebody out there will be waiting to read your learning experience. So, over the past weekend, I took out the Japanese learning book that I have stopped reading for a while and tried to figure out why I have put two bookmarks in the book. (We will get back to the bookmarks later.)

I like watching Japanese anime. The ultimate goal of learning Japanese is to watch Japanese anime without subtitles. I have started learning Japanese a few years ago, when I started working. I joined a Japanese learning class and took the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Because of the test and the paid class, I studied hard and dreamt that if I took all the tests up to Level 1, I would visit Japan and speak like a native.

*Pop* The dream (夢、ゆめ) broke into pieces when life changed. I had more responsibilities at work and my personal life changed too, so I stopped attending class and stopped learning Japanese. Then, I reached another life stage with more time available, so I started learning Japanese with a book. I was not too motivated that time, because Japan has been hit by tsunami and I won’t be visiting Japan any sooner. Slowly the book was put aside.

Back to the bookmarks, as I have learnt Japanese before, though most of the grammar and conjugation are forgotten, I still remember some basic vocabulary such as numbers and common phrases. Thus, the first bookmark is at the numbers where I want to do some revision and the second bookmark is at the greetings.

And now that my Japanese Journey has started, again, the book has four bookmarks, with addition two bookmarks at particles and Japanese writing system respectively. Hopefully by the end of the journey, the book will be free of bookmarks.


Japanese written in Japanese

Lessons learnt

1. Find the motivation to learn a foreign language, preferably a strong motivation.

2. Set time for learning the language, else you will use “No time” as a reason to stop learning.

3. Use bookmark as your guide. Even if you have stopped learning, when you pick up the book again, your mind will bring you back to where the bookmark is.

Next lesson here…


  1. luggnutz13 says:

    yokkata ne! I am trying to get back what I had a loooong time ago. I lived in Yokosuka and went to school in yokohama from 6th grade to 10th grade…I’m 43 now. It seems you will get where you want. Gambatte!

    • Wendy says:

      Thank you!
      I hope you can get back to what you had too. It’s never too late to re-learn. Japanese is a beautiful language.

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