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Learn Chinese Language From a Song — 淋雨中

Now is the raining season in Singapore. This song comes just in time 🙂 The title of the song is 淋雨中 (In the Rain) from 林宇中 (Rynn Lim). For those who may not know, 淋雨中 is pronounced exactly the same as 林宇中. You may want to search the song in YouTube by the keywords: 淋雨中,林宇中.

Whenever there is rain (雨) in the lyrics, the song is usually related to break-up and separation. With cry (哭) and pain (痛), you know that this is a sad song. 淋雨中 is talking about a guy who receives a break-up letter from his girlfriend, the background is the rain, which adds to the pain. 

Disclaimer: The lyrics of the song is for learning purpose.

词 / 曲:林宇中

风吹乱的头发 在我眼前挣扎 把想你剪成几段          沙沙的彷徨

雨有一点急躁 在我脸上涂鸦 把心情画得乱七八糟 滴答滴答响

我手上没有伞 分手的信有一张

我没有哭是雨水渗透 写你爱他那一行

我在淋雨中 看你步上彩虹

我分不了轻重 你幸福我该否祝福

我在淋雨中 背着你走不动

我还有一个梦 被雨水带离我的天空

我的笑容会很酷 若和你们巧碰



Chinese Language Learning Corner

  • 雨 — rain
  • 风 — wind
  • 彩虹 — rainbow
  • 眼 — eyes
  • 脸 — face
  • 手 — hand
  • 头发 — hair
  • 信 — letter
  • 伞 — umbrella. There are 雨伞 and 阳伞, which is meant for a rainy day and a sunny day respectively. Anyway, differentiating two different umbrellas is troublesome, so we seldom differentiate them. 雨伞 is more commonly used, we do use 雨伞 on a sunny day 🙂
  • 酷 — cool, as in “He looks cool.”
  • 哭 — cry
  • 痛 — pain

Hope you have learnt some Chinese words while listening to the song on a rainy day. Enjoy!


Hello, I am the Kinetic Rain.


  1. xiaosaotome says:

    Hello Joyful, don’t you think that learning Chinese through a song is problematic, because the usual tones of the chinese words are changed in music? Do you know of any Mandarin song that preserves the tones?

    • Wendy says:

      Thank you for bringing up this. I do not think it is problematic. Yes, the tones do change. But we do not need to focus on the tones if it is a song. There are children songs which can encourage children to like Chinese. Once you like the language, you will find other ways to learn.

  2. ryanleewiley says:

    Reblogged this on RyanLeeWiley and commented:
    Singing is a great way to learn!

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