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Learning Attitude

No matter how old you are, you are always learning. When we are babies, we learn to crawl, walk and run. At school, we learn all the subjects taught by the teachers. At work, we learn to do our jobs better. Even when we are retired, we learn how to use our time wisely.

Thus, the learning attitude is important for you to learn effectively. Below are the learning attitudes that help you to reach a new height:

  1. Start from zero — Whatever you learn, keep an open mind. You know how to ride a bicycle, but when you learn how to drive a car, do not assume that the bicycle and the car are “the same”. Start from zero is easier because you assume nothing.
  2. Positive thinking — Why do we need positive thinking? Positive thinking keeps you motivated, you believe that you will eventually learn and learn well.
  3. Can-do attitude — Other than positive thinking, we need the can-do attitude. Yes, I can do it!
  4. Find the root cause of the problem and correct it — Along the way, we face obstacles. Why I can’t just learn how to dance? Is it because I do not how to count beat? Is it because I am not interested in slow dance? When you have found the root cause, correct it and keep going.
  5. Understand — Understand the concepts, understand that things need time, understand what motivates you, understand that you are who you are, understand …
  6. Implement / Practice — Practice makes perfect. When you have learnt a language, you will soon forget about it if you do not use it in daily lives.
  7. Enjoy — Enjoy the journey. Learning journey is fun and exciting.

Have a positive learning attitude and you will be a better person.


  1. We forgot to tell you that Alix & Roxane from “Tails from Paris” have nominated your blog for the Inner Peace Blog Award :

    Because you’re worth it 😉

    Have a peacefully coming week !
    Alix & Roxane

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