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Learn Chinese Language From a Song — 红蜻蜓

This is a new series on learning Chinese language from songs. The first song is 红蜻蜓 (Red Dragonfly) from 小虎队 (Little Tigers). You may want to search the song in YouTube by the keywords: 小虎队,红蜻蜓.

Butterflies are beautiful and thus they get more attention than the humble and plain dragonflies. 红蜻蜓 is talking about the childhood days when the red dragonfly was seen flying in the blue sky, chasing for its dream.

Disclaimer: The lyrics of the song is for learning purpose.



飞呀飞呀     看那红色蜻蜓飞在蓝色天空

游戏在风中     不断追逐他的梦

天空是永恒的家     大地就是他的王国     飞翔是生活





当烦恼越来越多     玻璃弹珠越来越少


红色的蜻蜓曾几何时     也在我岁月慢慢不见了

我们都已经长大     好多梦正在飞

就像童年看到的     红色的蜻蜓

我们都已经长大     好多梦还要飞

就像现在心目中     红色的蜻蜓

Chinese Language Learning Corner

  • 红 — red
  • 蓝 — blue
  • 蜻蜓 — dragonfly
  • 飞 — fly
  • 看 — look
  • 吹 — blow
  • 家 — home
  • 梦 — dream
  • 长大 — grow up
  • 天空 — sky
  • 童年 — childhood
  • 英雄 — hero
  • * 烦恼 — trouble, worry

* 烦恼 can be a noun and also a verb. Read the following sentence:


I trouble myself over your troubles.

The first 烦恼 is a verb and the second 烦恼 is a noun.

The vocabulary used in this song is simple, hope you have learnt some Chinese words while listening to the song. Enjoy!



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