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A Story After PSLE 2013

Now that PSLE is over, what is the first thing that you, the P6 students, want to do? What is your next plan?

For some students, the first thing that they want to do is to take out the calculator and calculate what is the T-score that they can get. They are sad if the score is under their expectation, even by one mark.

Stop right there!

The T-score that you calculate is only an estimated mark. It is highly dependent on overall P6 students’ performance for the year. Thus, keep the calculator, relax, and read the story below. The story is on parenting, but it gives you a thought on why you should keep the calculator now.


A boy got 0 marks in the exam. He took the exam paper back to his mum and asked for signature. The exam paper was empty with only the boy’s name on top of the first page. The mum, though shocked by the result, asked whether the boy understood the questions.

The boy said he understood the questions and he would be able to answer all the questions. But, during the exam, the teacher said if they handed in the exam paper, they were allowed to play at the school field. It was a fine day during the exam and the boy did not want to waste the time on answering exam questions. So, he wrote his name on the top of the first page of the exam paper, handed in the exam paper to the teacher and went to play at the school field.

The mum did not ask further questions. She smiled and happily signed the exam paper.


I do not remember whether it is a true story. If you are a parent, you would say: What was the boy trying to do?! Was the mum out of her mind? She did not even scold the boy for playing instead of answering the exam questions.

Isn’t it obvious that the reason for not answering the exam questions is to play on a fine day? So, there is no need for scolding or beating.

On the other hand, if you are a student, you would say: I wish I have a mum like the boy’s mum.

The mum is smart. What is the main purpose of having an exam? It is to test whether the children understand the concepts and knowledge taught. Thus, the mum only asked one question. As long as the child understands the concepts and knowledge taught, why not let him enjoy himself on a fine day?

It really takes a lot of courage to let your child do such a thing. Moral of the story: The marks are only a value. What is the most important thing is to understand the concepts and gain knowledge, and able to apply the knowledge in life. The PSLE T-score is important, but it is not the ultimate goal in life. You have a long way to go, by the time you are 50 years old, PSLE will not be one of the most memorable events in your life.

There are (less than) three months before you start your secondary school. So, keep the calculator, relax, and plan your next move. Where do you want to go for holidays? How do you want to prepare yourself for secondary school? Is there any interesting thing that you would like to do, but put off because of PSLE? PSLE is over, do it now!

What is your say?

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