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The Advantages of Learning Chinese Language

No, I am not going to say that you can earn more money after you have learnt Chinese Language, though it may help you to reach more customers and expand your business.

What I want to say is more about personal satisfaction. Whether you have just started learning Chinese language or you have learnt Chinese language for a few years, let’s look at some of the advantages of learning Chinese language and maybe you will be motivated to continue learning the language.

1. Chinese language writing system uses characters to represent the words. You may say that it makes the learning of Chinese language difficult, but it actually trains your brain. Just like calculating without calculator, learning Chinese language keeps your brain active by making more “communications” between brain cells.

A single dot makes a big difference, for example 大 and 太, the brain needs to remember the one dot that makes the difference and also the difference in pronunciation. From the study on Albert Einstein’s brain, we know that an active brain makes a smart person.

2. In Easily Mistaken Chinese Language Characters, I wrote “Chinese language is easy; you just need to pay attention to small details.” Yes, a single stroke and the different radicals of Chinese language characters make a different character. Thus, learning Chinese language train you to have an eye for detail.

It may not be easy when you are starting to learn Chinese language, you may give up learning along the way, but the “training” of an eye for detail is worth the effort of learning the language, isn’t it?

3. The wisdom and beauty in Chinese language is an endless treasure. There are things that are very difficult to translate, for example, the concept of “heaty” and “cooling” food. By reading the original text in Chinese language, you will appreciate the concepts and wisdom more.

I always tell my students that Chinese language is beautiful. Chinese language is my mother tongue, thus you may say that it is not fair for me to say that Chinese language is beautiful. Why not find out for yourself? Start from Chinese poems and Chinese songs, the true meaning in the poems and songs can only be appreciated in original language.

4. Chinese language is widely used and spoken in the world. This is very obvious. Even you do not wish to travel to China, you can find Chinatown at Western countries. If you like travelling and meeting new people, Chinese language should be your first choice to learn.

I have friends who do not know how to write in Chinese language, but they know how to speak and sing Chinese songs. This has helped them to get more friends and more business opportunities. My first boyfriend, who spoke English language to all his other friends, spoke Chinese language with me and that impressed me. Would you like to open up more opportunities for yourself?

China has more than 5000 years of history, Chinese language “evolves” with the rich culture. Other than the culture, you may also want to explore other aspects, such as traditional Chinese medicine. As mentioned in point 3, the beauty of Chinese language is endless, it is up to you to explore. I am sure you can find more reasons to learn Chinese language along the way. Enjoy the exploration!

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