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Word Games

When you are learning a language, playing word games is a fun way to learn new words (vocabulary). Other than the traditional English word games, such as crosswords, word search, hangman, etc, below are some simple games that you can play with your friends.

1. Adding a word at a time (suitable for English Language)

Other than vocabulary, this game also let you learn about English grammar. Thus, it is suitable for young children who have learnt grammar and want to reinforce the learning.

Example 1:


I like.

I like eating. (If this sentence is “I like to”, then it is not a complete sentence and the game stops here.)

I like eating banana.

I like eating banana porridge. (Use your imagination, as long as it makes sense to have banana porridge!)

Example 2:


You lost.

You lost me.

You lost me permanently.

You lost me permanently too.

2. 文字接龙游戏 (suitable for Chinese Language)

This game is suitable to be played by a small group of people. First, someone gives the starting word, you can also ask an adult to give the starting word. Then, the second person continues the game by saying a word that starts with the ending character of the first word.

Before you start the game, set the rules, such as

(a) no repeating words,

(b) only two characters, or four characters (成语) are allowed

If you are playing the game for fun, try more lenient rules.

Example 1:

老师 → 师长 → 长大 → 大人 → 人体 → 体温 → 温度 → 度过 → 过河 → 河床 → 床上 → 上菜 → 菜单 → 单位 → 位数 → 数学 → 学习 → 习惯

3. Matching words (suitable for Chinese Language)

This game needs to have a stack of cards with a single Chinese character on each card. If you want to save money on buying a stack of cards, try print out the characters. This game can be played by two or more people. With the stack of cards, the players mix and match the cards to make Chinese words. Who can match the most words? The more characters you have, the more matching you can make.

Example 1:

You have cards of 游、戏、泳、玩、国、家、旗、园、花、公、看。

You can match the following:


Do you play games when you learn languages? What games do you play?

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