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Happy Teachers’ Day

Tomorrow (6 September) is Teachers’ Day. Teachers do not expect expensive presents from the students. What the teachers hope is to see the students can excel in studies and archive what they want to be in future.

I remember a good teacher in my secondary school. He was my form teacher. When he knew that my ambition is to become a teacher, he said to me, I can archive more and teaching is a tough profession. Because of his words, I do not give up. Because being a teacher is tough, so I would like to challenge myself. He said I can archive more, why not I archive more in teaching profession?

In this post, I would like to feature the cards from two pairs of siblings. The theme is cooperation. The cards are hand-made by the siblings. With cooperation, we can archive more 🙂

From all the hearts in the card, we can guess that the first card is from two sisters. I feel love from the sweet sisters. My hope for them is to cooperate in life, just like the way they cooperate to make the card.


Love from two sweet sisters.

The second card is from a brother and a sister. Their mother tongue is not Chinese Language, but they write in Chinese Language to me. This is a small achievement for the siblings. My hope for them is to learn Chinese Language as though it is their mother tongue and use Chinese Language for daily conversation.


A big apple and a teddy bear from a brother and a sister.


Thank you to my students who have made my teaching days meaningful. My wish on Teachers’ Day, I hope all my students can archive what they want to be in future and create a better world for yourself and the people you love.

Thank you to all the teachers and professors who have taught me. Happy Teachers’ Day!

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