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There Is No Point Explaining

I dreamt writing this whole post in my dream. I seldom remember my dreams, lucky (or unlucky) for me, I only remember the main point of the dream. Thus, here it is, a post from my dream: There is no point explaining.

There is a saying: “If the person trusts me, there is no need explaining;

If the person does not trust me, there is no point explaining.

In Chinese Language: 相信我的人,不必解释;不相信我的人,解释也没用。

I learn this the hard way. I am quiet in nature and easily misunderstood by others because I can be “too quiet” at times. When other people misunderstand me, I tend to explain to them what is the matter. Through years, I finally understand that keeping quiet is the best policy.

The reason is, even if you explain, whether the person wants to listen and believe is up to that person. If the person has known you for years and he / she trusts you, there is no need to explain, because he / she understands. On the other hand, if the person does not know you and chooses not to believe you, there is no point explaining.

Beware of the person if the person says this: “I just want to know what has happened.” He or she may not really want to know what has happened. He or she just wants to find something to scold you, to blame you, to find fault with you. The more you explain, the more he / she will find reasons that you are at fault.

I know, being misunderstood is painful and heart-breaking. Nonetheless, as the saying goes, there is no point explaining. I hope you do not learn the hard way as I did.

Stop explaining and start living your life! A person who does not trust you does not worth your effort of explaining.

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