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Mini Supporter

The word “mini” is used, not because the supporter is tiny, but because he / she is supporting another person in small ways, and most of the times, without the knowledge of the person.

I first used “mini supporter” to describe myself when I was working in a factory. Supporting my colleagues in small ways made my day. My colleagues may or may not know it was me, they may not even notice what I have done. So, what have I done? I helped a colleague who has a plant on his desk to water his plant. I sent words of encouragement to colleagues who need them.

During these few months of blogging, I have noticed that I have mini supporters too. They have been supporting me “in the dark”. I do not know them, or maybe I know them but they do not let me know who they are. They read my posts, but they do not comment or like. They are the strength for me to continue writing. Thank you, whoever you are.

Everyone needs a mini supporter; he or she may be your spouse, your BFF, your parents, your secret admirer, your pet or even a stranger. For all mini supporters out there, don’t be shy. Come out and say “Hello!”

The world needs mini supporters.

What is your say?

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