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Singapore Education System

If you have been reading my posts, you see that I use general terms such as children or write how old the child is. Every country has its own education system. Thus, using general terms is easily understood by most people. If you would like to know what K2, P1 or Sec 1 means in Singapore, below is the table to show the education system in general*:

Stage Sub-categories Typical Age Short Form Used
Pre-school Playgroup age varies  
Nursery 3 — 4 N1, N2
Kindergarten 5 — 6 K1, K2
Primary   7 — 12 P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6
Secondary Lower Secondary 13 — 14 Sec 1, Sec 2
Upper Secondary 15 — 17 Sec 3, Sec 4, Sec 5
Post-Secondary / Pre-University   age varies JC, poly, ITE (depending on which institution you are in)
University   age varies

* Note: I do not have children (as of now). The above table is made based on my personal understanding. If there is any deviation from the current system, please feel free to update me. Thanks.


  1. lordvito9 says:

    Excellent,thank you for sharing. It is always good to learn about education in other nations,especially in nations with such excellent education as Singapore!

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