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Is Something Wrong?

Normally I check on my Reader, blog statistics and notifications everyday. At the same time, I also check my emails, though it may not be the exact “same time”. Whether logging into WordPress first or my email account first does not matter because I receive the same information from both, either the new posts from the people I follow or any new comments or likes for me.

But these few days have been weird; WordPress and email account do not “synchronize”. The WordPress notifications have been “quiet” for the last four days. Well, when I first started blogging, the notifications could be quiet for a few days and I would not even care. The weird thing is, I receive likes and new followers in the emails. So, what is happening?

I know I am rather new in blogging and I am using the free version. Nonetheless, I would like to know, is this normal? Do you face the problem? If yes, how do you resolve the problem?

Note: When I check on the list of my followers, the “new” followers that come through my email account actually exist, so it is the notifications button which is not functioning well, I guess?


  1. Wendy says:

    Thanks for the info. I am new in blogging, thus I like the flashing.
    That’s why I notice the abnormality of the notifications button.

    I understand that there is no technical support for free version. Maybe I should just try to ask.

  2. aearthr says:

    not sure what is the problem, perhaps you can email wordpress support. as i do not want double notification, i switched off the email notification and only check through the blog stats in wordpress dashboard. i just don’t like the notification keep on flashing in wordpress reader when i have already read it in the dashboard. a bit irritating.

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